To Y8779 from Andrea Lightgiver

  • Sorry it took so long to get to you.

    The cards read as follows:

    It has to do with the mysterious unknown.

    Your partner, your love, is missing?

    You experience bereavement, great grief.

    I see a pearl...the moon at the bottom of the sea.

    You are in a caring profession

    and work in a building like a hospital or school

    and are very successful at you work.

    It shows and young man,a gentle giant, who doesnot like to argue

    This relationship has lasted for a long time and you are great friends as well as lovers

    Have patience, things are progressing along the right path although it may not be evident

    There is a child or a pregnancy or birth of a child

    There is an urgent need to look ahead , Do not lose hope, and examine the implications of present affairs

    Plans have been delayed

    Help is at hand where least expected

    The partnership appears distant

    It will not be realized yet

    After the appearance of a little girl you will be blessed with a fruitful romantic relationship

    I hope this helps.

    Keep the faith.


  • Andrea;

    Thank you for my reading.

    Missing? Intersting. Yes, I am (was) very sorrowful thought I would never stop crying. Interesting how someone who is in your life for a short while can have that kind of effect on a person.

    The only young man I know of is my ex and yes we were good together, but at last the trust started to slowly fade away. He wasn't ready to understand what a good relationship was ( not saying that he didn't try, we both learned alot from each other) and said he was unhappy with me. So, I moved out at his request (long story). You have to be talking about him because the two things you came up with suit him just fine (he doesn't like to argue). And you are correct again on the friends and lovers part.

    My sister is 3 and a half months or so she says, and I believe it will be a girl to. I picked out the name a few months ago.

    An appearance of a little girl?

    Thanks for all the insight and I will be looking forward to all of this :).

    May peace always find you...Y 🙂

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