Cancer men please explain yourselves...

  • I dont scare easily 😉 I will do my best to help

    1. I cant speak for yours but reality is...if you have a smart phone or a computer you see all of your emails. We live in a world that keeps us totally connected for better or worse.

    2. If you care about someone and respect them you reply to an email. If I am very busy I will often reply with that info and let the person know I will text/email/call later in the day. It only takes a second to do that.

    3. Again I can only speak to my own experiences, but when I am in love with someone I accept them wholly- 'emotional' scars and all. I think you really have to if you have any chance of things working out.

    4. I dated a Pisces woman for about 6 months. We had a very deep connection that ultimately led to our undoing. She could sense every mood I had and reacted as it were due to something she had done. I tried and tried to explain that sometimes we cancers need to crawl in our shells when the world gets to be too much and also that each mood passed very quickly. (sorry for the run-on sentence) In the end she became depressed and no coaxing or compassion would bring her out it. So to answer your question there is a definite telepathic connection. I think it really depends on the rest of the chart to see if it a pro or a con.

    Hope this didn't confuse you more.

  • Hiya thanx

    Nope no confusion here lol it helped a lot. i know very well he is a very busy guy, n he promises to mail, but stuff gets in the way, then its forgotten n when recalled its ooopppppsssss, n then there is the do or dont due to do i make it worse or better question.

    on the telepathic connection , yes it depends on charts. i do know very well water signs needs to withdraw n reenergize. i need it often lol im like a sponge no matter where i am, online, out in a crowd, with fam n friends. i cant go shopping without coming home n am beat. lol

    lucky that my chart has many stable signs init. it aint all water water water lol

    so thanx again


  • Cancer male with taurs female,

    Thank you for explaining some cancer male helps.

  • CM-with-TF I have to agree with the ladies. It's great to have a male on the thread & give some input. I hope things go great for you and TaurusFemale.......


  • Yes tauruswomen8, dont it make ya wanna pick his brain even more?! Lol

  • As much as you all have given me...I would be honored to return the favor. Ask away 🙂

  • Ok CancerMalewithTaurusFemal- since you offered. My apologizes to others on this thread for the length and redundancy from me...this has been years.

    Here is the history:

    We met at work in Jan of 1997. We both seemed very familiar to each other. He was in a relationship and I was married (for about four years at the time). He used to flirt with me, come on to me and was very clingy. By April I had serious feelings for him. He was very persistent. Then by December of that year I told him that I had feelings for him and he said that he was devoted to his girlfriend. Bought a ring and then got engaged by Feb. I quit my job in Feb – I couldn’t handle it all. So I ran. He was married in September of 1998. The week of his wedding I had a dream that we were in a boat and he fell out and I didn’t even try to save him. I called him the next day and he said “Wow, so weird that you’re calling – I am getting married this week, I wonder if it is a sign”…

    We kept in touch a little bit through the years.

    In 2007, his brother died by suicide. I read about it and reached out. We started emailing back and forth every couple of weeks. In Oct of 2008, I joined FB and we became friends and started to chat everyday . At first it was an hour a day, then it was hours…everyday, until April of 2010 when my husband confronted him.

    In March of 2009 his son was attacked by two dogs and was in serious condition. He seemed to reach out to me even more during that time and even after that. Most of our chat times were initiated by him and it was for upwards of 6 hours. Had I not loved him, I wouldn’t have spent that much of my time.

    So, 2 months after my husband confronted him, we started talking again (initiated by me) but it was never the same. He wasn’t sweet to me like he was…and by August of 2010 he deleted me and blocked me. I tried to reconnect, apologize for my heart…everything…but he ignored me. Never said goodbye – this is a man who I know so much about…then sometime later – we still had mutual facebook friends – friends that he knows in real life –but I have never met…anyway – he must have talked about me because one man, blocked me from writing anything on his wall….something innocent I wrote about wanting to go on a helicopter ride was removed. So strange.

    I hurt because he was like my best friend and was so clingy that I clung right back only to be treated like I was nothing.

    This pull on my heart has been almost all of my adult life…I NEED to let go but I have NEVER loved anyone like him. I have only loved 4 people in my 43 years and he is the only one I never even kissed. I mean, I met him while I was still in my 20's....ugh.

    Okay - so here are my questions:

    He never ever said to me "I love my wife" or "leave me alone" ..Why couldn't he just tell me. NO. Especially since he used to send me sweet songs, only call me by nicknames and the one day I didnt log onto my computer, he sent me a hello greeting on my wii. With all of this, how could he easily treat me so bad?

    Why did he talk s. h. i .t. about me to others that they would block me as well? I have no idea what he said but I know he did. How could he be so cold?

    Last question, if he never had feelings for me, why the constant contact. I mean it was daily...morning, noon and night, until 9pm...every day= every night. We would play online poker frequently...and talk talk talk....

    My theory is that I am a nurturing person...but he hurt me so bad. I messaged him, "Please just tell me that you don't hate me and we can move on in a positive way - you know how I am OCD and need closure on things"...he didnt, he knows me it was like he purposely wanted to hurt me. So, I am wondering why?

  • wow...

    i have dated this cancer guy for 4 yrs and yes he too was very cold when he ended things.. it is really sad.. bcuz, cancers are "supposed" be nurturing, loving and caring.. whatever happend to that??

    I would say to you.. just really try to move on and get past it .. it is going to be a never ending roller coaster ride.. i have been through it and again fell for it and now i let it go completely.. its hard to do .. but it is the best..

    good luck

  • U must have misread the bad side of a cancer male. like us we also have a cruel bitchy side, so plz ladies ................

  • Bente, perhaps, but I am never cruel like that...never to someone who I didnt know personally...but even more so to someone I was close to. No...not like that. Never cutting to the soul or going for the jugular.

  • I know sweetie. I guess what im trying to say is this:

    there are bad apples among all sun n starsigns of the zodiac. N bc u have encountered 1 or more, doesnt mean all of em are alike.

    second there are more to a man than his sun starsign. ths sun star sign is a tiny spectre of the whole man, u need to take into account his time of birth as well, the city , the country, his background, the way his parents are n was raised , his school years, his teen years his oyung years, his surrounding, the job he has, the money he makes.

    all patterns to explain y he is as he is. A gal once told me n i believe it true. she said he is male n by definition a mongrol. An article read the bigger his balls the worse mongrol he is. so if the guy was an mongrol to ya u can bet he had huge balls.

    i wonder if the same goes for butts n tits on women, as in the bigger the butt the bigger the bitch, the bigger boobs the bigger the skank ............................ NOT saying it is so, but makes u wonder doesn´t it?

    I once had huge boobs but i was never the bitch! Unless i was forced to b a bigger bitch toward bitching skanks who was mean to me n my pals. i always thought god just bc u have a big butt doesnt mean ya hafta be one. BUT i reckon they kinda took pride in having a big butt n being one as well . go figure!

  • Bente....I know, believe me...I have seen his sag moon/sag rising. In the way goes for being number one. He felt like he didn't get enough attention as a child but was raised without wanting and has $$$$$ and always has. He lived at home until he was 31 and then moved in with his wife, never lived on his own. He as a Gemini Venus and Gemini mars and is very friendly and flirty...he likes the dirty talk but is shy when approaching first. As for his balls...I am sure he is a little mushroom cap lounging on a big bean bag chair... Lol. (he would always tell me that his member was not that big..only 4 inches...yea, lol we talked about EVERYTHING).

  • I think the replies you are getting are spot on. It sounds like a roller coaster that will never end. It should not be this hard.

  • LIke i initially said, there are bad apples among all star sunsigns male n females.

  • Hi guys

    So nice to see this thread get some action and love the input CM-TF has given THANK YOU for that, I agree you are a brave man lol

    Can I get your input CM-TF? Recently I visited the Cancer guy this thread was originally about he had been asking to see me for some time now. I happen to be in his neighborhood and decided to stop by. Part of me needed closure on my own terms as awful as that may sound but any way I went was there about 30 minutes it was like time never past and soon we were making out. I stopped myself because I hate the feeling of regret and did not want him to see me as a "friends with benefits" type of thing, I knew the drive home would be awful for me, I would be beating myself up for going so I casually told him I had to go, I got my stuff and left. Ever since I have not returned any calls or texts.

    He called for about 3 days straight leaving several voice mails and texts wanting to know what happened, if I am angry and why I won't talk to him. I normally would not go about things like this but we have tried to end things for so long now I felt cutting all ties was the only way. Do you think he hates me now? Do you think he will stop reaching out for good? I know Cancers can take rejection bad and again it is not like me to just disappear on people but felt this was the only way. Let me know your opinion if you can please thank you!!


  • I would email back on what this whole ordeal has done to you. leave nothing out. be frank and open. With this you wont only get through to him but you yourself will release some of all this baggage you have thus far carried on your own. Time to heave high ho his load to him. All baggage you need is your own.

    best of luck though you prolly won´t need it, you´re a strong woman , you´ll cope well.


  • CWB said it best. Give him the info from your heart. It is up to him what he chooses to do with it,

  • Thanks guys!

    Yeah I have done this two separate times through email.. I poured my heart out and let him know how I was feeling with no response from him, he never wrote back or has ever acknowledged any of it. When I went to visit and he acted like nothing had ever happened I knew I could no longer suppress how I truly felt I have so much hurt and resentment it's not healthy for me. I have tried every way possible to communicate with him but he rather not deal with any of it he is very selfish. I just don't get it. For someone who was so open in the beginning it is now total opposite how can you go through life knowing you caused someone so much pain and confusion and be okay with never acknowledging it??

    Thanks again guys!

  • Well this time u must end the letter with its over between us. u need to convery u cannot be with any who r like that. u do not deserve to b with a guy that turns the off button on when it gets tough. that is not right. hon u deserve a eff lot better. so plz do yaself that favor. consider write him again n say why u cannot be with him, lay it all down. it will cleanse yaself n free yaself from all that effing eff. once done n set use time to heal n get yasefl bacvk together. set no time frame for this bc we´re all diff n we heal in diff times. u can do this.


  • Cleansing myself of all the effen efff I love it CharmedWitchBente thanks for that!

    I think if I write him again he will get some type of pleasure out of it, I don't want to give him any more of me. He stopped reaching out I'm thinking he got the hint so I'm gonna let things be if he does contact me again I will definitely take your advice. Thank You so much!

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