Dear AstraAngel, I would really appreciate your insight on this one.

  • Dear AstraAngel,

    I have this situation with this ex bf (whom i'm still in touch with). We had to break up because he left to some other place and we couldnt physically meet each other. It is already a year since he left. At first it was hard to deal with but with time, I have been able to let go of any ill feelings. I "love" him and I would like to see him happy anywhere he might be.

    A few months back, he reconnected with me and said that he wanted to make it happen again between us. We had explored different pathways to be back together but nothing working so far. The silly piscean girl that i am, I got totally swayed by it. Recently we talked, and I learnt that he's been seeing other girls. Part of me wishes him well and happiness but part of me is sad about it. I wouldnt have held my hopes high and explore every possibility that i could to make it happen if I knew that he was not serious and looking elsewhere. I would just accept the fact and let it go.

    I feel confused about this situation. Is he that indecisive about me? I would really appreciate some light about it from you. To be honest, I do meet people but I have trouble considering them as dates because he's on my mind. Should I put my foot down and cut him out? or maybe we do have another chance after all? I am mar-10-87 and he is jun-05-83.

    Thank you for listening as always 🙂

    Love to you 🙂

  • Sorry his is jul-05-83 .. typo 😛

  • Neptunian dreams

    Okay let's take a look... Page of Wands and Two of Pentacles.

    So I get very strong interest attraction with you, he really sees you as someone very beautiful and that was the first thing I saw was this 'page' as the princess. And the two seems to speak to a choice in something connected to you... and perhaps a move. (Two pents have a traditional association with movement. a trip or change of setting.)

    The High Priestess, very sweet intuition and sensitive love energies, very close and true, and a quiet love that is sublime.

    And the Page of Pentacles so that is nice, this princess now answers to the two of pentacles movement... so she is the object of the move, so your love interest has strong material, or physical changes on his mind with you.

    And strength, he has made his mind about you. He has chosen you.

    Three of cups - yay~! I would say definitely on another chance with him.

  • wow.. thank you for the reading AstraAngel. It made my day 🙂

    love & light 🙂

  • I'm in a mess again..

    I have been having this uneasy feeling.. very uncanny.. and i just couldnt nail it. So i asked him what he's been doing lately.. and he admitted that he casually hooked up with a girl.

    He said that it was a moment of weakness but he told me that he loves me and misses me and he is sorry that he failed me. and that it wouldnt have happened if we were physically together..

    I am not sure if i should believe him or ... maybe it's time i really shake this off.. no matter what it costs me...

  • Hi NeptunianDreams

    Okay let's take a look - I think I see exactly what's going on and what your best steps are. See what you think.

    I picked out the Queen of Cups to represent you.

    Then, three cards across the center seems the be your present position and advice:

    Hanged Man (rev), Nine of Wands, The Empress

    Seems to be you at present. Turned upside down from this latest incident.

    Nine of wands, leaving you wounded and yet you are still standing!

    The Empress shows you taking care of yourself, nurturing the most important person the Universe - YOU!

    Lower two cards are future:

    The SUN and SIX of SWORDS - beautiful light of happiness ahead, a new life and you are even now moving toward that or beginning to. Do you know how to row a boat?

    I am seeing this pattern constantly now with many of us... and it has happened in my life too...

    Here it is.

    1. You have a lover in your life, someone who you have really had a thing for and it seems very deep and strong. You love them deeply. It may or may not have ever developed into something.

    2. Then, something happens and they turn away or communication breaks down. You are left wondering, wondering, heartbroken, longing.... still your heart is drawn to them...

    3. Out of loneliness or wonderment, you try to reach out to them. And it goes nowhere. or you find out things you wish you didn't know (his new GF!). Either your lover ignores you or is mean to you or simply can't be reached. Leaving you more hurt... and you have to develop your OWN strength and resolve and fearlessness. And TRUST in God and the Universe.

    Point 3 above seems to be warning to LEAVE MATTERS ALONE with this person. In other words, the less interaction the better as you wait. Pressing in on someone like this is not going to work. It will only stir up more weird energies of separation and questions. YOUR path - and all of our paths in these situations - is to wait until there are lovely developments... something from Heaven... without having to force anything. So the work then seems to be more of a spiritual nature (Hanged Man + Empress) where you grow within and learn the secret of being content with a spiritual relationship with Heaven, apart from anything physical. At least for a time. And that can be a tough spot, however it seems to be where many have landed while we are patient. While you are waiting why not have a relationship with an angel... or several... or go for a walk with God.... they are all around you know.. and angels get a little lonely too... they are always looking for a fun and intimate companionships.

    The good news though... is the SUN - YAY! and SIX of SWORDS heading for a very lovely, sweet, intimate, close, delicate, sensitive, very communicative, compassionate, tender-hearted, empathetic, happy, delicious, s e x y, s e x y, s e x y and very FUN place... with someone... special.. very, very special... a little gift from Heaven with YOUR name on the package...

    I know it's hard ND... hang in there... keep a lovely heart toward your guy... love him without talking or txting or confronting.... be patient... I know you love him deeply... let Heaven work it out... pray for him, wish him and his new GF well. Lesson learned here is that had you left matters alone you would only be praying for him... Now you have to pray for his new GF too!!!

    Heaven has a funny sense of humor... ha ha... very funny angels... I know you aren't laughing Neptunian... one day you will look back and you will... I promise you....

    Here is a bible verse for you too...

    "Behold you desire true sincerity;

    and secretly you teach me wisdom.

    Cleanse me with hyssop that I may be pure;

    Wash me and I will be whiter than snow.

    You will let me hear gladness and joy;

    the bones you have crushed WILL REJOICE" (that's the SUN card)

    -Psalm 51:8-10

    Oh, and the FOUR of Swords - take it easy and rest for a time. Meditate and be at peace.

    love and light,


  • Oh thank you so much for the reading Astra 🙂 It's only now that i've noticed your reply. I am sorry about this.

    Strangely.. though i didnt read your post earlier, I did exactly what you had advised 🙂 I gave it time and space and took care more of myself.

    I told him that he's free to be with whomever he wants. I have no hard feelings and I wish him the best. But he came back to me, apologised and appeared sincere. Then he proposed me .. finally heh.. I told him I'd give it a though.. and right now I'm about to say yes. Though I do love him deeply.. saying yes to him would imply me leaving my country and family behind and settle in his. I am wondering about how well would I adapt to the new environment... whether will it work out smoothly between me and him.. I come from what you can call a tropical paradise.. and everyday i spend in greenery and nature makes me feel alive. He lives in a very urban place.

    Do you see it working out for us?

    Love to you, and Happy Valentine's Day 🙂


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