Lost Contact with Cousin - Captain, is it a lost cause?

  • Hi Captain,

    My cousin and I were like brothers growing up, but after his mother died 6 years ago, he has cut off ties with us. He left his 1st wife and got remarried to someone who we dont like. I have tried to reach out to him via facebook, but he never responds. Should i give up on him? it s still tough. his bdai is 7/3/1970. thank you.

    oh, i had to call my dr s office for my pre op and they said stop worrying about the pains and my surgery should be fine. i am taking your advice and plannimg some trips for after my surgery. i know i will be ok.

  • Your cousin is not ready to renew the contact with you at this time. But maybe later... He has a lot on his plate at present. When he is ready, let him contact you.

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