Confused scorpio woman with Taurus man

  • Been seeing my taurus man for 4 months now, I know he is interested, he cooks, buys me gifts etc etc, but I get confused at times as to what's going on for him. I know he has been hurt in the past and perhaps he is being cautious. For example he says he doesn't want to let me go, then in the next breath he's saying let's see how things go. yet he has introduced me to his brother and sister. He tells me stuff about himself that he has never told anyone else. He wants me to understand him, but I think it works both ways, he needs to understand me too.

    I withdraw because I don't want to crowd him, then he tells me everything is alright and he want's me to be around. I find it difficult to completely let go when we are intimate as part of me fears his rejection, then he tells me I am not doing the things he likes to turn him on. This in turn puts me off. I want to please him but I feel I am not a performing seal! I am trying my best to be more communicative as I want this relationship to work and am going with the flow. He says he wants it to work too.

    I am wondering whether I am setting myself up for heartache? I am so confused. I just need things to be clear and then I can deal with anything. Can anyone help?

  • I'm curious is his name kenny?? and birthdate 5/20/64. We have been together for a yr but i'm tired of his disappearing acts!! but he won't let go of me either!!!

  • His name is wayne. I have suggested we just remain friends. We had planned to go on holiday together next year and he still wants to do that. I am feeling uncomfortable as I just don't really know where I stand. He says one thing, such as we are very good friends then calls me his girl and tells his friends I'm his girl. he says he loves me loads and I have to assume it's as friends only. But in the next breath he says he just can't let me go. Very confusing. What to do?

  • Yes, very confusing!! Right when i was ready to let go he tells me he really wants to work it out!! we'll we hardly tex eachother and i hardly see him, and like this past weekend he had an excuse not to see me again.. I love him but you knw what his love hurts and it's confusing so i'm done. You might want to do the same. I have had nothing but heartache with this man.

  • Let me think on this one for awhile. We Taureans are not that complicated, yet we are driven by what is real. If someone was holding back on me, I would know and it would bother would make me throw my guard up....

  • I am trying to be as open as I can be with him. I'm kind of on guard myself as I don't want to be hurt by him. I have to say I see him most days, he calls often, though calls are short and sweet lol.

    He's always willing to cook and occasionally buys me gifts. But to be honest, i sometimes despair of him. I know that he has had some really difficult situations in his life, he's so stubborn and difficult at times. Also getting him out of the house and doing things for me is a big deal. He likes it when he gets the visitors but shifting him out of his comfort zone is tough. I asked him to spend some time with me and my family at christmas. He declined initially and asked me to take his gift that he bought for my mother! I refused point blank to take the gift and told him he needed to take it round himself, and that I would be angry if he didn't show. He did show although he called me to pick him up! He spent a good couple of hours with my family before he felt he needed to go. I was glad he came and feel this is some progress.

    I know he talks about me with his friends, but sometimes I just don't know where I stand. He likes to take his time. He is adamant he wants me in his life, and that he feels we are like soulmates, yet sometimes he is so cold. I am just about getting used to his bluntness.

    What's going on for him?

  • Taurus 7 you are driving by what is real you mean. Taureans live for material things to make them look good in he crowd. They love competition !

    If you notice he only gets close when you back away then you are getting someone who wants to win you over sadly. And a man who truly cares about you does not tell you you are not doing the things he needs to turn him on. Taureans love their core family and he might show you to his siblings to share with them his life do not read into this any deeper.. actions speak louder than words and his actions are not something that make you feel good.

  • What did you mean when you dispair of him?

  • What I meant is that it is so difficult to get him to consider another point of view other than his own, it's either his way or no way. I find him selfish at times and it's so frustrating. He tells me stuff that he says he's never told anyone before, and that he's found it difficult to let people get close. I'm not sure if he's afraid or whether it is just that he's trying to use me.

  • I have been dating a taurus man for 2 yrs. and it's heaven and hell. He flirts with every thing thats female -doesn't seem to matter about age either! He hasn't wanted to let go of his exes either and by that I mean ex wives or girlfriends. We have had alot of fights and he "supposedly" has cut all those ties but I still think he talks to one or two of them and lies about it. Our intimacy is AWESOME to say the least and he thinks and says the same. He wants to get married and has even ask and given me a ring but.....something tells me that all is not right but I can't seem to quite put my finger on it - wish I could. He is extremely stubborn and talks very loud except in intimacy. Says each one of his wives cheated on him but he's not jealous...doesn't make sense huh? I am a capricorn, female and was told by a physic that he was my soulmate. Sorry I haven't helped much.

  • It's ok earthgirl. Honestly I think men really are from mars, especially taurus men lol. I know what you mean about your man being friends with his ex's, so is mine. He also talks loud when he's ready, stubborn and makes it known he's wearing the trousers. He can be really harsh and yet so loving and giving.

    I am a bit wary of the control thing. He makes out that he likes independent, strong women, but seems uneasy when I'm doing my thing. He expects me to be there at all times when he wants me to be there. Should he decide he needs his space, he needs it and doesn't want me around. I've made it clear that I'm not at his beck and call. It's also true that when I withdraw from him that's when he turns on the charm and tells me he's not letting me go, and doesn't want me to be with anyone else. He is so selfish at times. I struggle to understand what's going on. He reckons we understand each other as we face each other from a zodiac point of view. I try to convince myself that it can work, and that its just that he is challenging.

    Yet I don't want to be wasting my time on someone who doesn't actually care for me. I'm pretty sure he's not seeing anyone else at the moment. He's not working just now and I know he's down about that. He spends a lot of time on his own thinking and contemplating. It's hard to get him out of the rut he's in right now. Part of me thinks this isn't going to work and that I should get out now. Another part is asking me am I going to throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble? I guess the question for me is do I stay and fight for what I want or just move on?

  • Wow! Im a scorpion female too. What does your heart tell you to do. I say too much drama and manipulation. And that should hurt when a guy says that you dont do the the things that turn him on. Nonsense! He should just state clearly what is he want you to do and than let you decide if that would be something that you want. Relationships dont work if it's only one person wanting it. Sounds like a control issue to me. If s man can't give you what you need and you do the same for him and still love each other,than what is the point. Relationships aren't one sided and if you find yourself stressing out over being with him or not. Look deep within you'll know the answer. There's always someone out there willing to love you for who you are where you wouldn't need to change a thing about yourself. Try a cancer man lol at least they love you for you. They may be difficult because they are insecure at first but as long as you assure them that you are with them and only have eyes for them they will love you and only you till death do you part. Especially if you guys charts are compatible.

  • Yes he has hurt me, and I do think there is a control issue going on. I ask myself why do I always end up in relationships where this happens? What is going on with me? I guess I do know the answer and I so much wanted this to work. It's been a long time since I've been in a relationship, locked myself off to men. Now I've come out of hiding I'm back in a similar position. I thought I had learned enough about myself not to be here again but obviously not. We are planning to go away abroad in 6 month's time on holiday, to see his family, it's already booked. I have suggested we remain as friends but he is not hearing this at all. Now he is talking about moving in together and getting married. Right now I feel I could just give up on the whole thing, not sure if we can ride this. I am trying to be more open with him about how I really feel and it's so difficult.for me. I don't want it to get to the stage where I completely lose myself and let rip, I feel a big fight coming on. Maybe I should just end this before it get's worse but I find it so hard to let go really.

  • Hey! Just checking up on you. For one you have to understand that you are in control of you and the way you want to live it,and also the things or people you want to be a part of it. You don't have to be bullied by men. Some of them have a tendency to use gifts and manipulate feelings just so you won't move on. If a man loves you and you tell him that you need a little time and space to yourself to make sure you're making the right decision. He should respect you for that. And if he loves you and has enough confidence in himself,and really has strong feelings about his love for you and the possibility of marriage. Then he would give you the space that you need and understand that the decision you make might not be the one he wants to hear. You should avoid being bullied by any man at all cost. Because men that has to have everything their way is telling you from the start what kind of person they are. They are selfish and most of them don't mind telling you. They sometimes just you choice words to get the message across. If a person says that they love you but their partner is requesting space that should be a red flag that they are hurting and not happy. This is the point he should get and not try to make you stay with him. Relationships are about two people with feelings. And if one persons feelings are damage,than the other should step in and ask how can I help to make things better or what can I do to help make our relationship stronger. If you are not feeling good and you don't have your relationship issues resolved before that trip. You will be miserable,and people will read right through you. Or you will find yourself pretending to be someone else just to make him and the relationship look good. I don't know how you're going to figure things out but believe me a decision can't be made if you dont have the alone time to figure out what you want in life and how important it is to be in a relationship and what type of man you want to be with. Its important to know these things. Just remember love yourself first always. Relationships are about taking chances and knot knowing the outcome and being able to walk way with your heart in tact if things didn't work out.

    I pray that 2012 will be full of joy,peace,and happiness for you.

    Piggy 😄

  • Hey sorry for the typos ^^^^^

  • Hello ladies i feel a need to share a valuable lesson i have learned being with this older Taurus man for over a year now, and realizing this relationship has been the most confusing relationship in my life. I've learned that if a man can't love you the way you desire to be loved and all there is in the relationship is loneliness, confusion, and heartache then let him go. Time is too precious to wait around for someone who doesn't know what they want and send mix messages. One moment they love you, spoil you, and make love to you as if you were the best woman they ever had. They make you feel so special and secured at that moment or get away weekend to wherever it's planned. Then when that moment or weekend is over you don't hear from the one who said he loved you and wants to marry you because he is working late, sick, or really maybe with someone else doing the same thing he did with you. Who knows my taurus was very well experienced even tried to convince me him and his wife, and x wife were good friends, and i being in love and naive believed it at the time. (by the way i found out on facebook he was getting a divorce and when i meet him he had said he was divorced, well he is still married--ALL LIES) . Anyway my point is we are beautiful woman and we deserve to be loved the way we should be loved and the word is COMMITMENT! if you're the only one committed that is not love on his part and my advice is move on. I've learned what i want in a man and what i don't want in this relationship. We broke up and didn't spend any holidays together but he still tells me he loves me and still wants me, but he needs time to think and get over the hurt i caused him!! Yup it's all my fault, it's funny how i was the one who just wanted his time and love. NOT every other week or weekend but alot more than i was getting. He will never admit his faults and i recently wrote him a letter and put it in his mailbox. His truck is always outside so he says he is home but i'm not dumb he takes his mom's car and i know his dog HOLLY barks at anything and it's funny how the truck is home all lights out and not one bark from HOLLY!!! like i said if they are ignoring your tex, and can't talk on the phone, or maybe you want to visit and for some reason they are sick or working late---WAKE UP!!! something is wrong but then they will come see you when they want to see you or miss you or have a fear your leaving them.. Honestly, i think it's sick and I finally woke up and gave him my good bye letter. I did really love him because when we were together he was the most beautiful man i ever meet but he didn't give me all of him just a tiny part and WE DESERVE TO BE LOVED 100%!!!! it's not fair that you should have to share your man or give all of you but don't get all of him, or be waiting around wondering when he will come back!!!!! There are plenty of good men out there we will eventually find our soulmate or committed husband if we learn from our mistakes and notce the red flags that say RUN!!!!! LOL One more thing just in case for some reason someone reads this and says WOW that sounds like my man. The man who asked me to marry me then stole my ring back was named Kenny Lee Harrison, born 5/20/1964 lives with mom n step father and has another home in AZ where he gets away alot!!! BEWARE and i know he changes his birthdate and name those are things i found out. God Bless everyone may thiis year we grow in Love and forgiveness and prosperity. I do forgive him.....

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