Capricorn Men & Mind Games

  • I have been seeing a cap for over 6 months (me Virgo) and has been the most confusing time as i notice the same for others on this forum that have been seeing caps, there are points when he tells me things how i make him feel so i thought that meant something, anyway found out he has a "special friend" and was pretty mad so played a little game with him, i knew how he would react but done it anyway just to see, i came on really heavy and told him i fell for him blah,blah, blah and he said he wanted to finish it as he is not looking for anything serious! after that i called him up to let him know what i was playing and we had a chat & he said he has a friend but that is all they are friends whom maybe let just say get cosy now & then. I expalined to him that he broken my trust and thought that we had trust in each other.I have left it at that for now but would really like to know what to do, does this get them going or angry and should i leave him alone for the time being and then call him?

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