• Have fun this weekend. And safe trip....very windy outside...brrr.


  • Ditto! 🙂

  • Oh thank you so much, I am frantically trying ti get the house tidy, clothes ironed etc, my flight goes in 4 hours and yes I hope the wind stays okay not like last night. I am SO looking forward to it!


  • You guys have the Eclipse today right, we get it tomorrow and the 12/12 Alignment, busy times, take care! Love Ya!

  • @ Paddi

    Well...the house isn't going to stay tidy while you are gone..I can promise you that..LOL. But I get it.

    The wind picked up a while I hope that it doesn't anymore. Last night was indeed something else with the big garbage bins flying around like

    Enjoy your time and have a good feel and look around. Good luck and congrats with your dad.

    @ Poetic thanks for the reminder..I totally forgot. Yet it is cloudy here so I hope to see something.

  • Paddi,

    Have a wonderful time and relax. This is a piece of Your Time, enjoy it, you deserve it!

    Blessings and safe trip!

  • At the airport now, I have a mindfulness meditation my father's girlfriend sent me and I put it on my iphone so I will chill out with that and do Misslioness's chakras. My brother arrived from Australia this afternoon, it is gearing up to be a mighty fine clan sessionand the best bit is Dad doesn't even know yet...


  • Hi,

    I hope you had a great weekend with the fam. Did you manage to see any of that eclipse? Clouds messed things up on this end.

    And yet another storm coming up in the next few hours.


  • Hi Flow yes wind getting stronger already. Had a lovely weekend, very precious moments because we are so rarely together, good food, the pub and of course the Irish hospitality that you only learn to appreciate when you have not had it for a while. First class. Lonely Planet voted Ireland the friendliest country in the world.

    Back to reality now though and it is nonstop till Christmas, finally getting rid of a rotten window and replacing it with a patio door unless of course there is a force 9 gale blowing, shopping to do, I am going to sell or give away most of the contents of this house, we have too much unnecessary junk, kids school parties and and and.

    Hugs to you all


  • Ps missed eclipse except the one at the bottom of my pint glass

  • Funny! Glad you had a good time.

  • Hahahaha...that is some eclipse huh?

    Pleased to hear that all of you can add some more good time to the memory bank.

    Yeah holidays prep in full swing. Still not sure what to cook but I know I will be spending lots of time in the kitchen. I did some clearing up yeah..I hear ya!

    Have your trip added or cleared up your thoughts about your moving to Ireland?

    • added to

  • Actually Paddi I saw quite a few of Eclipse's in the bottom of my glass too, drank beer 2! for the first time Red Stripe, not bad, used to hate beer, hmm.

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