• I am in desperate need of help! I recently lost my necklace, its 14K gold with a jade pendant. My grandmother purchased the pendant after I was born and gave it to me when I was very young. I have worn the necklace almost everyday since it was given and just realized it was not on my neck. I have absolutely no idea where or when I lost it. I have searched my car, my room, and various other places. The last time I remember touching it was about 3 days ago. Please Please help me! I would be so very grateful for any advice!

  • It's under a bed.

  • Hi Ktruong07,

    Anytime I lose an object I always say "Please St Anthony (St of lost article) and Buddha help me

    find my lost ____ and then say "Thank you so much for helping me find it".

    Even if you have not found it yet. Most of the time I find it. If I dont find it I just say to myself its not for me to keep it maybe it has lost its value or meaning or whatever and I'm not supposed to have it anymore or its not good for me to have it.

    When I say these words I feel more at ease and I dont regret losing it.

    Try it it might work.

    When found pls dont forget to say thank you again to St. Anthony & Buddha.

  • TheCaptain- Thanks for the advice.

    I have searched under my bed, which was pretty easy because I do not have much under there, but I still have not found the necklace. 😞 But I will keep looking.

    MagicKal- Thanks for your advice as well.

    I have asked both Buddha and St. Anthony for help even before your post. I am trying to come to terms that I have lost the necklace, but it kills me inside that I could lose something so emotionally valuable to me.

    Please if anyone has anymore suggestions/advice to offer, I'd be more than happy to hear them! Thanks so much for your time.

  • Hi KTruong07

    Since its emotionally valuable to you donot think its lost. Thinking that way you are blocking

    the help you can get. That energy is not good. When I lose an article I always think positive

    and keep saying I will find it soon plus my regular prayer. And then when time passes by I still

    dont find it I just say well there must be a reason why it got lost and its not meant for me

    to keep it forever. Believe me I have lost some important object myself and after awhile

    I just say to myself its gone theres nothing I can do about it. So be it. Feeling this way

    helps me not to be so so emotionally attached to the object.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Is there some other type of furniture that resembles or doubles as a bed sometimes?

  • I normally do not sleep anywhere other than my bed, but there is a sofa and a hammock in my house which other family members normally lay/nap. I will be sure to check there and let you know if I find anything! Thank you!

  • I have searched under and around multiple beds and various furnishing where people might sleep... I have not found the necklace, but I remain hopeful that it is somewhere near.

    If there are any additional suggestions, I would love to hear them as well! Thanks for everyone's advice!

  • Is your grandmother still alive?

  • Yes, thankfully, my grandmother is still alive. She's very old and weak now and she lives in Vietnam while I live in the U.S.

  • This post is deleted!

  • KTruong07

    I feel sad you have not found your pendant still. I know how it feels when you lose something of value. I lost a pendant too just 2 weeks ago and just said a prayer to St Anthony & Buddha to help me find it. For a week I stayed positive and then after that I said well I guess its not meant for me to have it forever so I let it go and not think about it anymore. Guess what? a few days ago I dont know how the pendant fell in my handbag but there it was inside my handbag. Like what I said to you before, when I lose something I seem to find it more often than not at all.

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