Message to kissyface702 from AndreaLightgiver

  • The cards read as follows:

    You are at a crossroad in your life.

    You have lost a job.

    Althouhg it will take longer than you expect

    You will be successful in a job as a realator

    Or an area where you work with land

    You will get inside information regarding the job

    Someone you know wi;; tell you about the job

    In the romance part of your question

    The cards show a blessing

    It is a very close friendship

    You have both worked hard to make it good

    The problem lies with you

    Maybe you are sending mixed messages to him

    It is your decision

    When you let him know ithas become more than friendship

    there will be progress

  • Sorry it took so long to give you an answer.

    I have been ill.

    Peace and Love...Andrea

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