I would appreciate a reading, please

  • I just recently go convicted for my 1st DUI, i have fines , probation,driving privleges, etc.. well my family is dissapointed in me, and so is my boyfriend. I feel lik such an idiot for my stupidity. Well my boyfriend is suppose to be leaving next month for driving school, there is a possibility he may be coming to stay with me before he leaves. he lives 85miles away. I would like to know how everything is going to go for me in the coming weeks, will i be able to see him before he goes?, how will things develop with us?, I love him so much, and i hate to see him go but he has to find work someway and he needs to do this. I would like some answers as to what i can expect between now and new years. thank you

  • I'm sorry but I feel the two of you moving further and further apart now, not only in physical distance but in emotional distance. This is how it is meant to be as your life lessons with each other have been learnt. For you, there is an older man coming who is much more stable and grounded and he will make you feel like you are the happiest and luckiest person on earth. I am sensing two children for you.

  • thank you for your reading, i really appreciate it. however my boyfriend is actually staying with me now! Im so happy to have him with me. He is actually acting closer to me than in the past so your reading seems unusual but i do appreciate your help

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