I dumped a Scorpio Man!!

  • I can't believe I actually did it but....wow. The Scorpio I was engaged to wouldn't even let me hum to a song in the car. I am a singer, songwriter, composer, and it is in my nature to be highly musically Inclined. He hated hearing me hum or sing. WTF is that about? Anyway, he also did not like affection. Our sex life was VERY minimal. When it was it was cold and aloof. He never kissed me passionately. Always slept holding a pillow. Told me I couldn't wake him up if I had a bad dream but I could wake him up to have sex. I don't understand this kind of behavior. So I let him go. Prob is, I miss him terribly. I don't even know why. Its not like he treated me well. He would buy me a million things no prob. Lend me money no prob. But definitely would not show love and affection. He always told me to go and pick a movie like I was a kid. Man it was stressful. I have no idea why I want him back. HELLLLLLP!!!

  • Good for you!!!!! You should be so proud of yourself! Even though you miss him, the more important thing is that you are AWARE that you were being neglected and treated poorly in that relationship. Remember WHY you did this; remind yourself every time you miss him and ask yourself: Is it HIM you miss, or is it the comfort of being in a relationship?

    Be strong 🙂 you made a mature decision and it was the right decision. Don't give him the time of day. Hindsight is always 20/20, in a couple months you'll wonder why you were with him so long.

    For now... keep busy!!! Do things that make you happy, catch up with your friends, go out, pamper yourself. You deserve it 🙂

  • Why do you want him back... I would have to say you remember how the good things made you feel. In time you will realize that you do not want him back but you have to focus on the reality of the situation first.

  • He wasn't passionate...okay...maybe his six sense was up....I could be wrong. Now I wonder what happen to your Cancer guy from a few months back?

  • He vanished. I met this scorpio a while later and well....he is texting me now just to tell me to f off? Which is what I did already? Hmmm. I dunno what is going to be honest. But I guess they call it blacklist on cell phones for a reason.

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