Do Taurus disappear when you get too close?

  • Hey guys, I recently met yet another Taurus guy and I'm wondering... is it normal for them to disappear if someone gets too close?

    I met this guy, a friend of a friend, we instantly clicked and hung out a few times. Fast forward a bit-- one night, I don't know if he was just being nice or what, but we were all (friends) leaving the bar and he grabbed my hand and said 'so we don't get lost.' My guy friend got upset that we were holding hands, cause he likes me, but he didn't let go. So I moved my hand so we interlocked fingers to see what he would do, but he just continued to hold my hand until we got to the car. The rest of the night was fine, it wasn't weird or awkward, we continued our joking and talking... but now, any time we are all hanging out, he won't! I heard he does this a lot though. I guess I'm wondering if it was the situation or just typical Taurus/guy behavior.

    Do Taurus like it when someone comes out and tells them you like them? Do they want more of a challenge? Is he even interested or just being friendly? I'm confused (obviously)!


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  • Thanks newsl4ng, I guess I have heard that Taurus are very direct and this guy has NOT been. My friend said that he is super flighty all the time though. Which is fine, I've sort of just moved forward, I just didn't know if this was usual or not.

    I understand the whole intoxicated hooking up thing, but I don't think that were his intentions... at least I hope not. He doesn't seem that way and knew the circumstances that night, there was a big group of people, and never tried to get with me other than holding my hand.

    I appreciate your outlook, so thank you!

  • Well my Taurus Man disappears all the time!! Anytime that we talk about us, and he opens up to me he disappears for a few days. They say they do this because they are assessing..

    What goes on when your Taurus man is assessing...?

    1. Conducting background checks. We're Master Investigators. Because we absolutely, and I mean despise and detest LIARS!, we are cross referencing everything you tell us. This is how we ween off the weak potential candidates. We will embrace an honest person with flaws, rather than a liar who represents the perfect package. But we will keep a poker face...pretending to know nothing, while we ask you subtle questions here and there. We always know more than you think we do.

    2. A million "What ifs" occur before making a final decision. Once a decision is made, it's rarely reversed. We make a decision, stick with it, follow and see it through. This is the perseverance of a Bull. Thus, the main reason why we're slow to initiate a relationship. It's all or nothing with a Bull.

    3. We're getting ourselves together financially. We hate moochers, and never want to be perceived as such. We love to feel needed, so we like to be the sole providers. If we're not, we will compensate for it in other areas, housekeeping, cooking, fixing things around the house. We like to feel that we're contributing to something.

    4. We're active listeners. We don't hear you. We actively listen to you. I hear many references to us as being 'duds' or 'not emotionally intuitive'.

    Total misconception! Our decision is always instinctual. If a Bull is initially interested in you, we SEE something in you. If we feel that you're hiding behind a mask, then we will choose not to entertain you. We want to see the real YOU!

    Not some fictitious carbon copy of a perfect candidate.

    5. We're testing your loyalty. We look for consistent patterns of behavior. If you want us, show us. If you love us, prove it? If we're reassured enough, our 'disappearing acts' turn into 'routine' and predictability.' No joke. LOL! You will know EXACTLY where we are. When we're at work, when we're with family and etc. You will come to realize that we're just old-fashioned homebodies who just want to build a life with you.

    6. We want you at the palm of our hands. To make you fall in love with us over, and over again. It's not playing games. We're very affectionate people, so we want to be desired in the same way. We want you to miss us. To want us. To feel the same fondness we fill in your absense. We want to feel those same butterflies as we did when we initially met you. To inhale your scents. To remember what kissing you feels like. This is why people will admit, Tauruses can be quite addictive! LOL!

    there's a forum on compatible astrology on the Taurus Man.. lots of information that may help.

    Good luck!


  • AHH, thanks LeoLadyLove! I've learned in life to be a little more aggressive (I used to be very passive) and go after what I want, so that's what I've been wanting to do without scaring anyone away in the process. This was insightful.

  • do a search on confused by taurus man.. it should take you to compatible astrology..

    Hey, i was aggressive with my Bull. He was very shy and very much an introvert and they do not like to chase nor do they like competing with other men... so i did the pursuing and the chasing and I will never give up on him.

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