Am I on the right path?

  • I am wondering if I can possibly get a reading from someone? I am in school to earn a Bachelors in Hospital Administration and I will be heading for my Masters Degree after I complete my Bachelors. I am also in Sales which is nothing to do with my schooling.

    I plan on finishing both of my Degrees but I need to know if I am on the correct path or if I should change it.

    Your help would be appreciated very much so thanks!

  • I am feeling you need to do something more infused with creativity to balance out your life.

  • Creative would be enjoyable for sure but I am not certain as to what it would be. I also work with my local Chamber of Commerce and I am in attempt to get into the local hospital also. What do you suggest as something more creative.

  • Do volunteer work at the hospital for which you are trying to become employed. Having them see you once or twice a week can make the difference between an application from a stranger and someone they know and can see for themselves how you treat your position.

  • Thanks Firefly for the advice, I had already submitted a volunteer application on Monday to the Hospital and I am hoping to get a call.

  • 🙂

  • Are you interested in dance or music?

  • I love dance and music but would have stage fright to perform. I used to play piano and clarinet as a child but do no longer. I have wanted to learn all different types of dance (especially ballroom) since I was a young teen (over 20 yrs ago) but never had any male partner to dance with and did not want to learn alone.

  • If you could overcome your fear, I feel you could excel in this area.

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