Needing a reading desperately! Please!

  • Hi Van

    There are many places that you can use your new found skills and education. Happily this path is taking you towards something new and fulfilling. It should help to keep some of the financial, emotional and relationship worries at bay. I believe sometimes we just need to churn around and look at a lot of different prospects for a solution and at some point something will just feel right. Kind of like popcorn in an air popper. It whizzes around in circles as a hard little kernel and then out it pops fresh and lovely. Finally assuming a new lighter form. I think popcorn is a happy food.

    When you finally get to a point that you can get a job which relates to your education try and work somewhere that has financial assistance for working towards a higher degree.

    Wow I have no idea what or how you can do something about your insurance. Perhaps just take it out in your name and restrict him from driving that car. It will be another step towards a life without him but I suspect that is where you are headed. You deserve to have a life that is fulfilling and happy and are working hard to achieve it.

    Is your daughter lost or is she in trouble? Do you need to detach to help her grow or is there a lesson in her struggle? Is the lesson for you?

    Hope all turns out well and keep your eyes and ears open for guidance from Spirit.

    Did you meet with your friend from the past or is that meeting still to come?

    Love and light to you ABP

  • abetterplace

    I am sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I haven't been on here for a while. Wow a lot has happened over the last month or even weeks.

    My daughter just got out of jail for the 5th time. She is addicted to drugs and for some reason she has this need to steal. The thing is she's not stealing for her drug problem she's just getting messed up and stealing. She has been in about 10 or more rehabs but she is not ready to change. I have finally stopped helping and said she has to want to change before anything is going to help her.

    I was able to get insurance in my name but he is still on the policy but is not supposed to be driving because he is not covered if there is a wreck. Of course he says their his vehicles and will drive them if he wants to and I had to include him on the policy because he still lives under the same roof as me. I did however go to my lawyer this past Friday and got papers to fill out for a divorce. I know it's a huge step and I have a rough road ahead of me but I've been living a rough life as it is. I'm thinking things have got to get better for me. I am tired of his constant lying, drinking, complaining and put downs. I know he is trying to bring me down to his level but I try to avoid that as much as I can. There are some times that he drags me down there with him and I do argue and then I get really mad at myself for letting that happen. I hope I am doing the right thing. I'm scared of what is to come but I have to believe that I am making a wise decision.

    I hope to hear from you soon. Lots of love and light van5521

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