AstraAngel, could I ask a work related question of you tonight?

  • Hi Astra,

    Hope you're doing well. 🙂 I've been quite busy the past few days in an online class for my required continuing education for my line of work (and new employer). After signing off my course for tonight, for a diversion, I logged onto a free tarot site and did a quick reading. Didn't make note of each card in the Celtic Cross spread, but it seemed to paint a picture of parting, endings, and negative news. Maybe I'm just tired and somewhat "brain dead" from my class, but it has me a bit concerned.

    What do you pick up?

    Thanks so much as always.

    Blessings, love and light,


  • Hi Taurus57

    Do you happen to have a brother names Heinz?

    Just kidding to break the tension ._.

    I went ahead and did another Celtic cross so we'll run through it and you can compare.

    1. Significator - The High Priestess - So this is you right now, the way you are feeling and choosing (or trying to) see life, very reflective and intuitive, you have your radar on and are really seeking, pondering... So you are very open right now is part of the situation. Your energy openings or something about you is very open and kind of vulnerable so you are being cautious a little...that is good...

    2. Covering - the nature of this matter - The Five of Stones (Pentacles) - which in this deck is described as material difficulty. There is this sense of there being material help that is locked away from you somehow. So you are under 5 energies (changes) in your material life which has you very sensitive probably something from school, some opportunities are swimming into view perhaps, could be career questions...

    3. Crossing - Ten of Cups = Success - Ah! So success is a concern, and this must be tying back to the schooling, maybe choices of which path in school or decision you are considering related to academia or career choices... this opens up your intuition and you are looking for queues in the material realm too...

    4. Your fondest hopes and dreams - Ten of Swords - Well, now I can see where your concerns are coming from! Wow! That is quite a card to be desiring as your fondest hopes and dreams... this one will be a challenge to see the silver lining... but I will try... drama... you love drama... are you in entertainment perhaps? Studying movie making? Something about drama and acting is what I am getting...

    5. What's led up to all this... Three of swords - morning - Loss and ruin of something personal from the past. These two cards have you top to bottom, crown and foot... which means... sacrifice. You have been longing for success and yet it seems that try as you might you are hit with failure.

    6. Recent events you are moving out of... The Empress - femininity... so there has been a recent energy of care and nurturing, a series of events, something that was a comfortable time for you, secure.

    7. What you are now heading into ... The Hanged Man - uniqueness - so this says your views are changing about material matters.. the security of life, and must all be trying back to the education...

    8. Future environment - Daughter of Cups - connection - so this says that you transition away from all of this sword energy that has you concerned, your intuition has served her (empress) purposes, your fears are allayes (3 - 10 sword pair) and you find someone or something... a new situation of love and it musty be a person...

    9. How others see you in this new place soon - Nine of Stones - material gains - So something is about to happen in your life that will result in material abundance, and it is quite obvious and others who know you will be aware and will see you with nine pentacle energies of gaining materially. Which a lot of people seem concerned about.

    10. Hopes and fears - Eight of Swords - Interference - this is another strong sword card in a hope position. So this is a strong message from the Universe about your life path requiring thoughtful energies, or to know that your sword life right now is very important to you and you are immersed in something that occupies your mind.

    11. Outcome (Please dear God don't let another sword show up here for Taurus57) The FOOL - Whew! Thank goodness... so, everything winds down to something new for you, and I am going to have to say it is LOVE Taurus57, are you okay with that? When I saw that daughter of cups appear in your future it was like love coming over the horizon... I would say it is high time for you to take a break and enjoy something very, very nice... something in love where you aren't going to have to think at all.. would you like that? Sure you would... first stop? Rest up before your new fool adventure! In love and it is sweet.

    I see that part of your lesson is to let love cover the multitude of these swords - you must be very strong and a fighter intellectually, and yet love has been hard to find... the mind you know... weighing so much. You long for love like that, which just absorbs you away so that you are deliriously at rest! That certainly sounds wonderful for me... I would sure like that!

    The crossing card is love... deep, deep, way deep down is your fond longing and dreams of love, a life that is like a miracle of togetherness and oneness with someone you care about deeply. That is the energy challenging you in life - daring you to DREAM LOVE as big as you dare! TEN CUPS worth!

    And yet, something blocks you there, and instead of your mind filled with love and softness with another, you have swords... the success, the goal of attainment in the mental realms... you dare not hope for love there! You turn away and focus on school... career... in the hopes that these things will replace the love...

    The Universe isn't paying attention though. Someone up there decided a long time ago that a special someone for you would be needed, a love would be needed, something emotional and very nice for you would be needed... beginning with a change of perspective (oh! I hadn't looked at it in that way before!) and then - the daughter appears and BANG something comes about materially which is the long anticipated resolution of the nervous 5 pentacle energy parked over your life like a bus.

    Okay, so you are picking up on this sword energy in your life in some very tender areas... your hopes and dreams...

    I see something very simple here Taurus that could help immensely... spend more time thinking of love and lovely settings... something very romantic... what is your relationship situation? I could dig back through the threads, I am lazy... what is your situation? that is a key here that heaven wants to explore with you... are you willing?

    Don't be alarmed at all though - there is always only POSITIVE messages in the Tarot - any predictions of calamity or trouble are open to reinterpretation. In other words there is always a POSITIVE reason we see crummy cards turn up, they are saying something , these are all simply messages, angels whispering.. so there is GOOD on whatever you are seeing, here, or anywhere... keep a positive attitude, this looks like something actually quite amazingly wonderful developing...

    Nice timing too... its the season to be happy... and whistle while you love..."w, w w w w w www... "

    blessings and peace!

    Did any of that make sense?


    P.S. I love the sword cards - the ten of swords is a fantastic card because it shows a dream to fade away to nothing, and be reborn into something new, higher, sweeter. The swords makes it past the end... and gets to be a court card. Of course, I think a lot of these sword cards are fake... the guy laying on the ground is an act... at any moment the director yells 'cut!' and the ten sword guy gets up with all of this fake blood on him and plastic swords sticking out of his back, he smiles... and has a smoke while waiting for the next scene...

  • Oh Astra, what a delightful guy you are. 🙂 As I'm certain you recall, you and I are "neighbors" here in Spokane (I'm in the Nine Mile Falls area) and one of these days, after I've successfully completed my class, have my loan officers hired and have a paycheck coming in, we should take a few moments and have a cup of coffee together...perhaps at Barnes and Noble in the North Town Mall. Anyway, after all the "dust" settles in my professional life perhaps. 🙂

    As for love, well there is my "flame", actually I believe he is my twin flame, but I believe he is still married, and however happy or unhappy that relationship is, or how much I would love to reveal my innermost feelings to him and begin a lovely relationship, I cannot and will not interfere. That, to me is treading on sacred ground and the karma from that, well lets just say I have made enough mistakes in my life that I've learned hard lessons from, I don't need that to be one more. 🙂 Also, I believe, and maybe I'm off base here, that I need to have my financial life stable (like getting some regular income coming in so I don't have to focus so much on just making it each month) before I can allow my focus to move more into the "love" arena. It's not to say that I don't think about him or "feel" him around me, because I do -- sometimes really very intense, but I'm just so focused on trying to get stable, that I just absorb the feelings of love, but keep focusing on getting that paycheck coming in.

    Does that make sense? Is that my block to success -- I'm focusing so hard on trying to just get stable? I don't know, but I'm getting really worn down from this way of living. It is really stifling.

    Thank you as always for your wonderful reading. Looking forward to hearing back from you. 🙂

    Blessings, love and light,


  • A gentle bump 🙂

  • Another gentle bump 🙂

  • Hi Taurus

    Nice to hear from you. I have spent some time at that B&N for sure, picked up plenty of tarot decks from them. Bought a Nook a while back that thing is cool. I have been known to have coffee there. Okay circle back on coffee when you are out of the woods.

    Okay... well you are doing well materially it sounds like your focus is in the right place. Taking care of yourself financially. I am trying to get there myself. I have made some efforts to find another job after leaving corporate life over a year ago, but nothing has opened up thus far. I am painting and still have hopes that art might still turn into something economically viable as a career... at some point.

    Justice is the first card I see for you. So justice is the energy over you right now. Which means "just rewards" for you... heaven is not blind, and the angels are not unaware of your situation. You are being prepared is all... your work is a big focus now and that is good... meanwhile you know it is all heading somewhere ... but where? Where is life taking me? And my 'flame'? I feel so much for him...

    Ten of Pentacles - well this is about as powerful a card of love and abundance added together as you can find in the tarot. This says THIS is where you are heading... LOVE and PROSPERITY no doubt due to your diligence and faithfulness to your work and career. So your path is looking good...

    Three of Pentacles - this seems to be a picture of you... working hard... serving, helping, arranging, very focused...

    And... The Lovers... hmm.. looks nice to me. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it because it is working for you. This is the Ten of Pentacles the way it starts... two hearts who are really meant for each other, you fit nicely, there is a perfect balance between the male and female, and because all is so nicely balanced, Heaven can really bless you.

    So your "twin" is married? That complicates matters unless that situation is fading away.

    King of Wands - Two of Pentacles -

    This is him... two of pentacles can be movement... so something could be changing on his end, a move or something. Or he can be trying to decide something of a material nature, could be anything, a job, career move. A balancing act.

    The Star - Keep hope bright. I don't care who it is, or what the 'situation' is with them, when you feel love for someone, and that love is real and strong and true, then you may have to wait a little... however in Heaven, anything is possible... King of Swords... with him.

    Follow your own heart as you are already doing... you are loved by the Universe dearly and any longing for a relationship where you given the opportunity to give and receive true love, will ALWAYS be met. Eventually.

    I hope.

  • Thanks so much Astra. Lots of good info from both your readings. 🙂 I'm going to spend some time reading through them again when I finish my class (almost done!) and really "digest" your words.

    Keep at the art work Astra -- you have such a natural talent that I'm confident you'll be able to make money from your creations. 🙂

    Well, back to the books -- er, the website to proceed to the finish line!

    Blessings, love and light,


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