I need you alls help in getting my Libra Ex back.

  • im a cap and he's a libra. we had an amazing relationship, and we were both in love... i messed up by nagging him alot and being kind've clingy, (he didnt say this im guessing), he has messed up also in the past which is why i nagged him, he apologized and i know he was sorry but i couldnt let go of that pain.... we havent spoke in a couple of months because my phone got turned off and that is his only way of contacting me.. last time we spoke he told me he didnt know what he wanted, that he loves me, and that he is still in love with me. he kept saying "not right now for us" meaning us getting together.. about a week before that he told me to wait and see what our future has with each other, and that he sees me in his future as us being engaged and living together.. also he told me that he is not an "show his emotions" type of person because that is not how he was raised, and i didnt like this i was mad at him because he never really told me exactly how he feels...

    last time we talked we had an mini arguement and technically we still werent on good terms. he always says he hates arguing with me. and anytime we argue he flights from the confrontation.

    i havent tried to contact him but i plan to contact him as soon as i get a new phone. i am wondering what i should say to get things on good terms or do. i want to be with him. how do i make this happen? Please someone give me good advice. I truly am in love with me and willing to do anything to make us work. pls help, and no one telling me to move on !! I am willing to do anything to get him back. Also I have his email and his aim. should i contact him now or wait till i have a cell phone. like i said he has no way of contacting me.

  • Contact him now and tell him exactly how you feel. His response may be indecisive however which is the major weakness of Librans everywhere.

    This thread may give you some more tips and insights into the Libran psyche -


  • I'm kind've scared as to what his response maybe and what if he doesnt get the email?

  • Are you a libra?

  • Well, you definitely won't hear from him if you don't contact him since he doesn't know your new number.

    I am a Taurus.

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