Watergirl18.....Please read and offer your opinion......

  • Hi Watergirl18...I had several posts on this forum regarding my ex...I recieved readings and explanaitions from Astra and Captain...both with opposite views...Astra feels hes returning also, Captain feels hes shut the door for good....could you look at my post (included here) and offer your opinion ?....Ive had MULTIPLE readings over the past 12 yrs and they overwhelmingly predict his return to no avail....Im a Pisces 2/24/62...my ex is Scorpio 11/6/71...I might add that we werent just exes...we were married at one point....Thanks so muck.....Rick

    Hi Astra...I posed a question several days ago regarding multiple psychic readings pertaining to my ex returning...you in turn did a reading that predicted the same thing...MY QUESTION IS...How can all these psychics, including yourself, predict this event, yet nothing happens...Ive been getting the same prediction for 12 yrs !...with all the readings Ive had, theres been an 85% acuracy concerning other events...including him coming to town on several occassion among other unrelated topics...I understand free will, is it possible that ALL these psychics are picking up on my own desire ?...or is there another explanation ?...You also posted in another column that you saw the same thing and that I should stop all contact, which I did...I admit i "stalked" him originally, but that was 12 yrs ago and for closure, which I never got...I then sent him several letters within the past 6 mo, because of SERIOUS health issues...but still nothing from him....ONE MORE THING...can you tell WHY he froze me out and refuses contact ? (aside from getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar)...I know its a scorpio trait, but usually if you wrong them...he wronged me by cheating and froze me when I confronted him for the truth.....He did run into me once, and when he saw me literally RAN out the door !!! (imassuming guilt and to avoid the confrontation) Please answer as many of these questions as possible...Im so confused Rick

  • Hi Rick,

    I'm running out the door, but will do a reading for you later. I do need to give myself enough time to clear my energy and get grounded so I have a clear channel for you so it may not be until tomorrow...

  • Hi Watergirl....THANK YOU SO MUCH....Im looking forward to your input !

  • Sorry, Rick. I try not to give too much importance to these things, but the lunar eclipse really hit me hard this weekend 🙂 I will try to get to you later today...

  • I totally understand.....

  • Hello Rick,

    Okay, dear, I finally had some time to do a meditation for you and to ask your guardian angels and spirit guides for the message(s) to help guide you in this situation.

    The first thing that came through was how they want you to shift your attitude or approach with regard to this situation - which is to activate your Higher Self and do your best to release the pull of the ego. Your ego is interpreting and viewing things through the distorted and murky waters of emotion. It clouds your vision so you won't see the truth and/or address issues at their core as this is very uncomfortable for the ego. Your Higher Self gives you clarity and the courage to see things accurately - to see the truth. They showed me a picture of you holding a white candle, staring into the flame, and golden rays of light entering through your crown. Allow the Infinite to penetrate.

    The second thing that came through was to release yourself from the lower energy vibrations you are currently immersed in and shift to a higher vibration by engaging your mind - the power of your intellect needs to align with your heart. I saw a boy surrounded by books, graphs, strands of DNA and an older man with a beard - a teacher. A strong message about logic and wisdom. Practicality came through strongly. Also, that this will take discipline on your part, but that this is what is necessary to move through this life lesson of yours. Part of this lesson is to become more realistic and thoughtful in setting your goals. You may have a tendency to overreach and then become myopic. Your enthusiasm is your gift, but it also must be properly contained or it can undermine you. Learn to decipher when you have done enough and when it is time to let go and let the Universe do its part to support you. Plants need water to grow, but when given too much water, they drown. Overdoing - manic behavior - is fear in disguise. Fear can show up as a desire to control and to be too rigid in our thoughts, behaviors, or even desires - holding on too tight. Ease up. I saw a man who had collapsed in exhaustion on a staircase. There were angels above him reaching out with stars in their hands. He needs to surrender and allow them to lead him into what is best for him.

    The third message was that they understand you are mired in confusion and that you are faced with a difficult choice. I kept seeing you standing on top of a heart shaped place on the ground and in front of you was a long, winding path. Your life path. You were trying to step forward onto your path, but there were things inside the heart area that were attached to you and holding you back. But two large hands appeared out of the sky that helped you to break free and to guide you onto your path. When you did finally step onto the path, you left behind a box filled with things - a broken heart, a blanket, but also a book of wisdom. Those hands that came out of the sky - your Higher Self - are helping you to discern what is the best choice for you right now. TRUST. Making the right choices is never easy and you are being urged to let go of the need for drama - almost like it has become an addictive drug for you. This habit - the drama addiction with this ex of yours - needs to be broken and released so that you may invite new, healthier energies into your life. Discard what no longer serves you. Do not brood over this past heartbreak any longer. Holding on has become toxic to you both spiritually and physically.

    I know this is not what you wanted to hear Rick and I'm sorry. I know you have received psychic predictions that he is coming back, but yes - psychics can just pick up on your energy and intentions. They can also project their own issues into your reading if they are not properly cleared and grounded. It has been 12 years. It is time to let go...



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