Would somebody have time to do a reading for me for 2012?

  • Hi there,

    I was hoping that some one would have time and patience to do a reading for me.

    My questions are :

    1. Do you see any big changes for me in 2012 in regards to location?

    2. Do you see any changes in my love life?

    3. Do you see any changes in my career?

    Thank you.

    Smiler. 🙂

  • Yes, I'll do one and try to have up by this weekend.

  • What is your date of birth? Readings tend to be more accurate when we have the dob.

  • Hi SmilerE, What this reading is about is what I think is a dysfunctional relationship. Could be job/personal. Present--adapting or need to adapt to conventional approach. Need to join group for knowledge. All things righteous/sacred. Self-improvement. Your individuality submitted to a higher cause. Reading shows that in present you're a victim. Hierophant/Devil pairing.

    Your situation shows that you're investing in long-term/laying the foundation. I believe you're conservative w/money. Could be looking back wondering if what you've worked for is worth the effort. Your present situation was created by you. Reading is saying seize the moment. Goals can be accomplished by your skills and goals. Need to be focused on single goal.Commitment to task/keep focused on task at hand. Reaping the rewards of your efforts.

    There's a challenge in present. The challenge is reflection/time out. Either too much or not enough. Time to deal w/problems. Major milestone in present. Re-evaluate priorities.

    Up-coming news/emotional absolutes. Directness.

    There's a need for a fair decision. Circumstances at present are leading to a decision that's being made. Decision inevitable. Justice/Devil/Magician pairing someone may be trying to mislead you. Search for the truth. Is everyone playing fair. Legal contracts.

    Is there an upcoming celebration w/friends, wedding. Holidays with family?

    Cards are warning that someone may be coming into life that's a user/taker. Do you want order rather than chaos. Don't fall victim because that's what the cards point to--ok.



    above--5 of coins

    situation--10 of coins


    challenges--4 of swords

    past--7 of coins

    moving ahead--knight of swords


    friends--4 of rods


    outcome--knight of cups

  • This post is deleted!

  • I just realised i had signed in my old username - I had to change this due to personal reasons. thanks again for the reading!

  • also thank you Firefly for picking up this post - my DOB is jan 18 83. 🙂

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