Did my "stupid" joke ruin a possable love?

  • i just met someone and while having coffee i made a sarcastic joke remark "what are ya stupid". i meant to say "what are we stupid". but oops it came out anyway. i asked him if he knew what a certain word meant, he didn't know and i said i didn't know either. his hands were clasped together on the table and i held them and said the stupid remark, that now it seems he will not forget. prior to this we were well on our way getting to know one another. sharing so many things and having so much in common. sharing ideas, the past, goals, interests. i've verbally apologized and also in an email to him. but when i see him and say hi, he won't even acknowledge me. i'm very puzzled. i know i hurt his feelings with this remark, and have told him so and that i would never intentionally hurt him and that it was a mistake on my part and was not thinking when i said it. i let many things slide off my back and assumed he might do the same, since he also likes to joke sarcastically. any ideas?

  • For how long do you know this guy?

  • Let it drop. You made a "gaffe" ...but he overreacted and you've apologised. If he isn't going to acknowledge you then don't waste any more time worrying about it. Get on with your life, say "hi" when you see him, and get on your way. The ball is in his court. If he does speak to you again, by email,text or in person...chat away but don't mention this incident ...its unimportant.

  • Leave it alone. Give him time to get over it. If he's that sensitive, it might be best that you learned it early on. Some people can dish it out but, they can't take it. If you have to watch everything you say from this point on, staple your lips together cause, as a Scorpio myself, somethings just come out and a lot of times they don't sound soo clever like they did in my head, once they pass my lips! I've learned not to be sarcastic about people I know. I can do it about the general population. Or, as you have learned, it will come back and bite you in the A$$!

  • thanks so much for all of your responses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it has cemented exactly what i thought i should do. i've known him for about 2 months. he lives in my apartment building. we both have dogs and that's how we met. he is a gemini, and i read how a scorpio and gemini relate to each other. thanks again!! also, this is the first time i have posted a question as i just started and signed up yesterday. you know, i am learning to fly, and sooo learning about myself.

  • Hi learning to fly :-),

    as far he is a gemini.as far what you've read in here.............it seems just in a way that there is just one gemini man out there........no other sign I do know is like a gemini and so many women experience a gem with having/ having to have a relationship with one.............must be also very patience with them.

    They often taking jokes the wrong way, because they do feel offended very easily!

    Very sensitve, when you say something about themselves, even they pretent they in a way can run the whole world and mostly they take themselves as them most precious what ever exits ( in a way it's not wrong, but..........) also they very sensitive about the tone you speak to them!

    I have scorpio women around me and sure they have a certain tone in their voice sometimes, even I feel kind a offended by it, even 2 of them are my very best friends ( since 24 and 15 yrs), also I told them...........so they were shocked, because they didn't mean to offend me!

    So.............but soemtimes it's better to realize from the very start..and it's up to you.......take it or leave it, because even you might get known to each other better and closer.....that don#t change much!

    Sure if they really interesting in you, paying also attention to your reaction on his actions, they can be very humoreous!

    And when they laugh out loud, you can do nothing but love them!

    I'm in deep honest love with a gem and more or less I wrote a lot about my story in tarot. com already!

    Wish you the best!

    P.S I very much like your desplay name 🙂

    Take care.and don't start to please someone to get where you want, no person is worse it......because with every plaesing you'd loose a bit off yourself and at the end you not even know who you are anymore.

    Compromising is what I believe in, but not on top of my feelings.........you only end up hurt at the end!

    And you might feel like you're gonna bust all open and might delike or even hate yourself at the end! Believe me I do know what I'm taking about, but I'm a libra....so.............

    Take good care of you!


  • Sorry for all this horraable misspellings and mistakes I've made here.but I really do miss out of sleep a whole lot, feeling like a zoobie .over my gem:-((

    It's so very sad..........what I know about women, even they strong and independent..............at the end (most of the time) once they really give their heart, soul and body to the one they in love with........we're somehow always in the 2nd position!

    The men run the story.even we don't take all the bull........and turn away, we end up getting hurt!

    Sure there women they are very great players...................but when a man knows you and started to feel insecure....they have a way to guide us,......sure we know....but we willing to give in more than they do.for the harmony and a good understanding, which causes stress to us............and I sure don't want to be a puppy being guided!

    But before realizing it.....most of the time it's to lat..........kids are just like that............

    But children have just one parents, Mom and Dad..............but men do have a overgrowded market out there..........think we are a bit more choosy.......a lot wem I know anyway.........a man really can separate their 'nature' from the heart......sur e again there women they say they able to do just that, too...but it's not in out nature..........


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