A Conversation with your Spirit Guide

  • I'm sorry watergirl, I know enough already, Dmick the thing is they are on their own path and we can't intefere, just love and pray for them (daughter's) they will wake up eventually. Love her and talk to her higher self to help if possible they have the remote controls. Just kidding.

  • More questions for Bob. How wonderful to have the opportunity to help with this book and to interview a Spirit guide. I'll bet you had a few words with the bee Spirit that was keeping you company also.

    I have read M. Newtons book regarding Journey of Souls. He describes past life regressions that landed the person at a soul plane rather than a past earth life. He describes the work that is done for soul growth in that life between lives. There are study groups, evaluations of the the life just lived and planning stages for the return to Earth. He explains evil as well as Karma. It is going to be a reread for me but I believe that he explained Karma as the lessons that we choose for this life based on the needs we have to grow. Not karma in a retrobution sense.

    I would like to know if the process is much like M. Newton describes and if it is what must we do to make ourselves aware of the plans that we made. How do we keep ourselves open to the lessons we planned and how do we recognize the sign that that says this is the lesson path and these are the people who are working with you. (as planned).

  • Hi ABP - Yes, I did speak with "Bob" last Friday. So much to say and not even sure I can put it in writing at this point. I can answer your questions about our life span though...

    According to "Bob" although we are now living longer than the 30-40 years we did in the recent past, there was a time before that when we lived to 150 years or longer. We choose these types of things collectively. Based on what he said, I gathered that we all just decided that 30-40 years was too short and 150 years was too long based on our physical bodies and what they can endure. So, the optimum amount of time is the 70-90 years (collectively). However, personally, each soul chooses when to go. Some souls go early to help teach others something through the loss. Some souls choose to be "vegetables" in order to help others in our soul family learn something, ie: non-judgement of those who are incapacitated in some way, patience, etc. With regard to "Eastern" and "Western" medicine - he had quite a chuckle about that. He said that we already are blending and it is really up to each of us what we choose. He was kinda vague about it -- almost like he was saying it didn't really matter because we go when we choose to go. I think we just need to trust our intuitive guidance on what types of treatments to pursue. Personally, I would take advantage of any "western" medicine while embracing the more esoteric methods as well 🙂

    Talk later...

  • Hi Watergirl I am blown away with the answer. Of course it seems so obvious when we really think about it.

    There is so much work to be done that 40 years will generally not give us the time to absorb the lessons. I am not in any hurry to leave this life but 150 years does seem excessive. Everyday it seems there is something that needs to be tweaked not to mention what gravity would do during that length of time. We would all have to take to sleeping in the position of the Hanged Man so we didn't trip over our turkey neck or other things that seem to fall with age and gravity. 🙂

    I have to think about the other as far as healing. It almost feels like a destiny explanation but not really, then what happens to free will. It is something to ponder as end of life and chronic health issues seem to go on for a very long time for many people.

    Thank you for asking my questions and I look forward to the information you can share. I know you said that your friend is writing a book so we may not get a lot of info B4 the book comes out

    Will talk soon. I'm off to do something, useful I hope

  • We tape recorded the session last week and transcribed it today. So much more in there than I remember - it blows my mind. She is almost finished with the book and will be self-publishing. Probably will just start out as an e-book. I'm not sure I should really share much more, but will tell you that we were correct about the Karma thing. No such thing as "bad" karma - at least as perceived as "punishment" or "retribution" for past actions. It's just things from past lives that are unresolved as far as our EGO is concerned not even necessarily a lesson. Pretty trippy the way he explained it. What people tend to refer to as "bad karma" is really just our ego assigning judgment to people, behavior, situations, etc and that judgment is a lower negative energy. And from what we know about energy, that judgment will only backfire on the person placing judgment! According to "Bob," the unresolved karma from past lives may occur if say a person is a murderer in one lifetime and then in the next their ego has difficulty resolving what they had done. How that gets resolved depends on that person, the unresolved issue, their present lifetime personality/ego/etc, and free will. He actually spoke about Hitler which I will leave for the book!

  • Hi Watergirl

    This was so interesting to read thanks for the thread not sure what I would ask my spiritual guide but I do have a question for all of you surrounding this topic... How do we get a spiritual guide? Is it someone from our past a loved one that has passed? I always wondered how many i have and how they were chosen for me or me for them? Bob sounds like an interesting guide really neat that you got to talk to him again thanks for the thread learned a lot!


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