A Conversation with your Spirit Guide

  • If you were able to sit across from your Spirit Guide and have a conversation, what would you ask him/her? Remember, that our Guides hold secrets to the Universe!

  • I would ask what is my purpose, but I think it's to bring light or to be a Vessel for light as in Presence. I have asked God to show me what is required of me, If I can just learn to be quiet, I see them we communicate with out words, feeling.

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  • Dmick - I am so sorry to hear about your daughter's struggles. This is not a thread for readings - I was just opening up the question to start a dialog. I have been pondering this question as I have a friend who can channel her Spirit Guide and thought how great that must be.

    With regard to your daughter, I know this sounds harsh but it is entirely up to her. She does need to detach from this man and cut the cords that are keeping her tied to these lower energies.Call upon Archangel Michael for help with this as well as Raphael for her own healing. Her husband has his own journey and if it is destroying her own will in this way, then she needs to part ways and go on her own path. Part of her journey will be to understand how and why she attracted this relationship to her so that she can learn the life lesson and then attract something better.



  • Poetic - your response has brought up something I was thinking about. Some people, when given this opportunity with my friend, ask the most mundane of questions or questions that are entirely up to us..."why hasn't he called me?" "will I graduate from college?" Now your question although of a higher vibration might be too vague. I imagine our Guides would tell us that our purpose is to evolve spiritually. That answer would be a bit of a letdown wouldn't it? I mean if you REALLY had the chance to ask ONE question, wouldn't you want to walk away feeling as though you were enlightened in some way? I think the key is to find balance - asking questions that are specific enough to really help guide us and not so specific that they become trivial. May I ask that you think about it a little bit more and see if you can come up with something that might answer a specific question you have about your life or spirituality?

    For instance, my question would be about Karma. A lot of people refer to "good" and "bad" karma which implies that good karma is a reward for having done something "good" and bad karma is a punishment for have done something "bad." But I think that karma is just the life lessons we agreed to before we came here. So it is not necessarily good or bad and it is certainly not a punishment. Then again, maybe I am wrong and the "good" and "bad" people are right...I would ask my Guides about this!!!

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  • Dmick - I can answer based on conversations I have already had with my friend. First, you really don't need their name to connect with them (although I understand the desire to want to know!). Secondly, our guides are operating in the Spirit realm which is a much higher vibration so when we are in a low vibration, they cannot reach us. So to connect better, we must be diligent about keeping our vibrations high. Meditation, eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water, clearing/cleansing the dense energies that we ALL generate from time to time or even absorb from others. Lastly, learning to detach from our desires for certain outcomes so that we can "hear" the true messages rather than project our own thoughts/emotions/etc. into the mix. And THAT is actually one of my questions ... how to better be able to decipher our true intuitive guidance versus our ego talking. It can be very difficult at times!!!

  • I read somewhere that if you want to meet your guides you should go, within a meditation, to your safe haven and invite them to join you. I have done this a few times, our meeting place is always in the well-kept garden of a beautiful country manor, very British, and we were having afternoon tea. I invited my guides, my mother and my grandmother. I will never forget the first comment after the tea was poured-where's the wine.

    Anyway I never really talked to my guides, more to or with my mother. So I will go back to that sunny spot and ponder the meaning of life, and ask my guides why on earth I chose this life, and I will ask for their help to make the most of it.


  • This is an interesting question.

    I have found myself in strange situations and weird conversations often in my life. On some underlying level it seemed as though I was just in the flow and it was perfectly natural and not out of the ordinary in the least. Afterward, I would think about it and not have a clue what just happened.

    So, my question would be, "What was THAT about?"

  • Paddi...."where's the wine?" LMAO!!!! Well, you are Irish, aren't you? Although, my family isn't Irish and we would all say the same thing 🙂

    I get what you are saying, though...asking why we chose this life as it can seem very daunting and even overwhelming at times. But I guess the answer is our own evolvement, right? We chose the lessons we wanted or needed to learn and then our life's path puts us in situations in which we have that opportunity. The question (for me anyway) is how to make it more graceful and peaceful than chaotic and painful! Or maybe just how to "get" the lesson the first time around instead of having to go through it over and over again - each time in a more painful way. I once had the opportunity to ask a question of Archangel Michael and I did ask what my life's purpose was. Know what he said? TO BE HAPPY! I was like, "gee, thanks...that's a big help." Sure wish I would have been more specific (LOL).

  • This is interesting. I finished a book recently--the boy who died and went to heaven. He talks alot about angels that helped during a car wreck he was in, different angels that are here etc. The best inspiration I get is after I pray and usually doesn't come right after. I have to clear out all thoughts and outside distraction. A lot of insight comes right before waking or right after waking. I call upon the Holy Spirit before I do a reading. I actually pray before a reading. I get that some people may feel "religious" from that and back off. In an effort not to lose some, I feel people will say spirit guides.

    Back to the book, in the car wreck, the boy experiences the devil. The accuser, is what I call this and similar spirits. We all experience this too. Anyway, it's knowing the different spirits. I have learned who is who, so to speak. I have actually posed the question to the Holy Spirit--what is my purpose. The reply was our purpose was to make each others lives easier w/our gifts.

  • I have worked in healthcare for many years. The hospitals are crowded with ever sicker patients. Treatment is with stronger medications, machines,organ transplants, radiation therapy, cryotherapy to name a few. We can prolong life long past what would have been a natural death only 20 years ago.

    I think I would like to know: When will the healing touch, healing light and energy be used to augment the traditional care of the sick. How will the spiritual energies be universally used to prevent disease ?

    Maybe that is still too broad. I could spend a fair amount of time trying to get answers to these type issues.

    Yep, somewhat better, thanks


  • Abetterplace - FANTASTIC question!!! It's not too broad at all. You are asking a specific question to which we (humankind) do not have the answer - and that answer will help us all universally. These are the types of questions I am seeking. My friend is writing a book and wants her Spirit Guide - let's call him Bob - to write a chapter. She can't ask him specific questions when she channels him as he takes over her body (and he has a really cute accent!) so I will be asking him some questions - his answers will be in the book. I wanted to ask him things that would benefit all and while I was writing down my questions I had the thought that I should pose the question here as well.

  • LOL Bob indeed.

    I promise not to t/j with only my questions but I do have another. We are all living much longer lives. When we come to this life have we added lessons to be learned so that we accomplish more with each life or is it just taking longer to learn the lessons Or perhaps we did the easier lessons with the shorter lives and now have come to harder lessons that really need to be taught/learned in many different ways..

    I'm going to take a bath now. Time to soak in some bubbles

  • Well good luck to your friend on the book, Dmick I'm praying for your daughter, I agree she needs to get as far away as possible and love herself enough to know she can do better, my daughter is not suicidal but weak for a loser. Love!

    Watergirl I appreciate what you are doing for the "Greater Good of All." For me I want to accomplish whatever I came here to do, period. I will continue to enjoy life, live and grow but I wanna cross all my tee's because I know if you don't learn the lessons you are supposed to learn you have to come back again and again until they are learned. We also are carrying the burdens/gifts of whatever our ancestor's did, so it's a lot of responsibility for the past, present and future generations. Have a wonderful day! Love all!

    Forgive me for saying loser, we are all God's children, shall we say someone who does not have her best intrest at heart, I don't believe so anyway but we will see. 🙂

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  • Abetterplace - Another great question...thanks!

    Dmick - your guide(s) are always with you. Maybe she meant that you just hadn't acknowledged them yet or embraced working with them yet? I jokingly told my friend last week that I thought mine had gotten fed up with me and left 🙂 She started laughing and then told me that the honeybee that was buzzing around my head while I was putting up my exterior Christmas lights was my Guide. I hadn't told her about that incident...

  • I ask mine.. what is Karma..

    How does it really work.. is it a big event or the silly little things you see, that someone done to you .. and they have same back a while later.

    Is it your that if i wish bad on some-one will it centre fold back to me

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