Watergirl, if you are around...

  • Hi WG, hope you are doing fine and that you are a bit cleared up. I would like to ask you if you could pull a couple of cards for me to see where I am at. I am feeling manipulation again and there are too many thoughts buzzing about so maybe the cards can advise a path to take or what to look out for or work on.

    Thank you very much!


  • Hi Paddi - I am off to run a few errands and then have a job interview followed by a birthday party for my nephew. I can do this for you in the morning, though!

  • Thank you very much and good luck at your interview!


  • Hey Paddi,

    First of all, I think your guides are a lot like mine - very cheeky!!

    Not sure why exactly you are feeling manipulated, but what came through is that you are becoming a bit paranoid (LOL). It's like you are being hyper-vigilant or constantly bracing yourself for a fight. I saw a child with the rays of the sun shining down upon her in a beam from heaven, but then the light was filtered through her consciousness and was no longer bright. Like you are viewing your present experience through the filter of your past experiences that may not have been so pleasant. Get out the windex! I kept seeing harmony, music, friendship. It felt like maybe they were telling you to find some like-minded, soul family type friends as you are all work, taking care of the family, etc. and not leaving any time for YOU. Physical body references came through as well -- MOST people these days are getting references to physical health and nutrition (I believe because it helps us with the new energies) - but it also felt like a reminder for you to get out of your head and to ground yourself in your physical body. Stop thinking so much and attune yourself to your gut feelings. If you find yourself wound up in thoughts - especially those self limiting ones! - then get outside and/or get some exercise of some sort...basically anything that will allow you to get out of your head and reconnect with your physical body. Mostly, it was just a message to BE HAPPY.



  • TeeHeeHee!! Those cheeky guides of yours came back....


  • That's about Ireland, by the way, in case it wasn't clear 🙂

  • Hahaha thanks, little indecisive me getting a kick up the rear there hehehe. You are right I am too caught up in things that really don't matter at all, too caught up in my head and it does not feel right which is why I asked for your help. We are going to Ireland next week for 2 weeks and I am so looking forward to all those country walks and head blow-aways by the sea (and good food and company). The move will not be till June unless I get pushed really hard to do it sooner.

    Thanks Watergirl yes there is too much going on at the moment, I so long for peace and quiet and me time.

    Hugs to you,


  • You know I have spent my whole life being braced for fight as in fight for survival. I recently started doing therapy to straighten out my back and there are a lot of other things coming free as I am doing the exercises and slowly making progress. It is hard work to shrug off the protective shield after so many years and I kind of feel exposed. Hopefully temporary until I can embrace the new. I have to say that expanding the chest muscles does give a certain energy which is new to me, it makes me feel good and powerful.

    Oh boy I have fought so long against ever moving back in to the country (as opposed to town) and now I have reached the point where I think how nice it would be to have loads of space around me and not a semidetached fenced in postage stamp garden, and a few chickens and a veggie garden. I am grateful I even have that at the moment actually when I see how some people live cooped up in apartments, but still, the wide open space is very appealing.

    Hugs, Paddi

  • That's so funny - I was just thinking the other day that most of the people here need to start a daily exercise of opening their 3rd chakra. Stand up - to what you "think" is straight - then shrug your shoulders up to your ears, roll your shoulders back and then drop them. THAT is correct posture but most people think it feels like they are sticking their chest out. The personal power is much stronger when you stand this way as it opens up your 3rd chakra. Try doing it and after noticing how it feels, do it the opposite way....shrug your shoulders up to your ears, roll them FORWARD and then drop them. It's like instantly becoming depressed!

    I really think moving to Ireland is important - like it is going to open up other doors for you and your husband. All the nature stuff I got and the visions/feelings of being around family, friends - people you feel at "home" with - I was getting a nagging feeling after I posted. Then it was almost as if your guides were hitting me upside the head and I got IRELAND. All the nature stuff was of green rolling hills and water 🙂 So then I pulled some cards and every single one said MOVE, MOVE, MOVE.

    Have a great weekend,


  • Wow then I cannot ignore it any more, green rolling hills and water. I just need to decide where. And when.

    Thank you Watergirl!

  • This all sounds so exciting for you. There is something healing about nature and I find that being by water makes the energy stronger. Generally green and open is good.

    This is kind of a t/j but I just wanted to share an observation a friend and I have had about clinically depressed people . We are not able to determine if it is a byproduct of their medication or a condition that leads to the depression. We work in a recovery room and sometimes have depressed patients that we need to waken and stabilize. We have noted that these patients do not seem to be able to take a deep breath. No matter how much they are encouraged or how hard they try the chest and abdomen does not rise to any great degree. It is like they can't seem to understand the process. We have made ourselves dizzy trying to show them how to breathe. This is present B4 anesthesia as well as after. Their oxygen levels are LOW normal.

    This weird note to you is in response to your saying that you are feeling more powerful with the exercises to expand chest muscles.

    Glad you had a good trip to visit the family and I guess we should all practice standing tall.


  • Oh goodness that is so true with the breathing. The therapy showed me how awful my breathing is(was) and it has been a real effort to get it right, I am not depressed or at least I don't consider it a clinical condition for myself, but I do breathe from my chest and not my stomach. Mostly due to stress and habit as a result of continued stress. But yes breathing from your stomach makes you slow down and relax. And opening the chest area makes it easier. If you get you patients to place the fingertips of each hand againgst eachother the breath will go to the stomach.



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