Watergirl/Astraangel/Captain - any advice or insight is greatly appreciated!

  • Dear Elaine, I happened upon your post here and want to try to help you with a voice of experience. Your happiness will never be dependent on someone else. This all comes from within. I will say that we all have let this dilemma bring us down at some point in our lives. I know that I have. The key to happiness is to find it in yourself first whether it be through personal endeavors or by maintaining meaningful friendships with those close to you, family and friends inclusive. Finding love involves wanting and not needing; never confuse the two. We all have been through some significant heartbreak and recover to find that we find someone who is far better for us. I almost gave up on someone but found that I wanted him in my life, but never needed him. This time of year is always difficult to be alone, so seek out those who you love the most and spend time with them. You have many healthy years to consider having children, but don't settle or waste time thinking of someone who has his eye constantly elsewhere. An opportunist will always be an opportunist. Next relationship, be yourself and shine as you can with no expectations or evaluations. Let it flourish and love may find you instead of you having to find it. I wish you the best! Jill.

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