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  • Some form of water feature at the south east corner of your home for good luck and prosperity!

  • I have a koi pond outside my front door which is facing south in the east corner. Also, the citrine stone attracts abundance. It's one of my favorite stones. I wear it a lot.

  • Good to know about the citrine! Maybe water and Coi together double the prosperity possibility. I think fishes are considered good luck!

  • TOTALLY wrong IF your bedroom in in the SE. A water feature should never be in a bedroom. Also you can bring yourself additional problems if your bathroom is in the SE and you add a water feature.

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  • Adding more to the collection in this thread:

    I read some place, that your chair and your back sitting at the work table or the desk should be to a wall. This means to be in front of some thing solid When working in office.

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  • I seem to have a bad place. My front door faces north and the staircase is right behind it when one walks in the door. Also, my balcony door is in direct sight behind the staircase. Meaning you can see it from the fromt door. What can I do to avoid my abundance going in one door and out the other? There's not a great way to block glpw unless you block the ability to move around. Any suggestions?

  • znl.....I have always read that you should not have your back facing a door at home or office. Same with a should not face a door or be in view of a mirror. I always struggle with the mirror thing in a seems hard to avoid a dresser with a large mirror. Supposedly a bed reflecting in a mirror disturbs sleep.

  • sunshine

    you should look up Feng shui fixes. Sometimes mirrors, wind chimes or certain objects help.I have a problem entrance too that immediately faces the open kitchen and you can see the sink and faucet which I read can drain money coming in so I use something on the counter in front of the faucet facing front door. I have a silver Buddha and other little special things...and a plant. I also keep a ceramic jug full of pennies and change to the right of my entrance to attract money. I have a bathroom in the center of my house which is bad so I looked up fixes and put up a long mirror on the outside of the bathroom door. Off of that I have a boxed in hallway that goes to two bedrooms. I hate that space! I tend to keep a light on there and on the wall facing the bathroom mirror I put favorite art work.....mirrors are supposed to multiply what they reflect. When fixing bad feng shui I read that you can trust what feels good and just play around with areas and trust that you will know when it feels good or off. That's what I do when I'm stumped.

  • Hi BLmoon,

    The advice about the office is what I heard too. Regarding mirrors and bedroom it seems like I read you should cover it at night. Supposedly W a couple the reflection means a 3rd person amd youmare right about difficulty avoiding it. Thanks for sharing.

  • "I also keep a ceramic jug full of pennies and change to the right of my entrance to attract money. "

    I used this idea from you BLmoon.

    Sunshine, I heard you can hang crystals or a chime to move the energy around by the front door.

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