Could a seer grant some much-needed guidance..

  • I am spending the holidays alone for the first time... I'm afraid.

    I have no money, no family within 2000 miles. Just my two year old and me. I'll be working hard enough to try to pay rent, let alone presents and a tree. Its hard to get motivated to enjoy the holiday, especially without anyone to really share in it. I've regretted moving away from home. Work is going well, I guess, but not well enough. School is just about finished, my only interaction with peers... I have a couple leads on a family or a support group to take me in, but I'm lacking those essential characteristics of the season: hope, joy.

    My birthday is 9/15/1990. Thanks ahead for anyone who would like to share their own vision..

    Mine is kind of bleak..

  • hang in there dafphodil you do have your child and it will get better it just takes time and patience. You do have things to be joyful about - celebrate the up and coming of the completion of school & your job which is giving you experience to move up after you finish school. best of all two year olds give the gift of love & laughter and they do not require alot of things. 🙂

    love light & many blessing

  • I agree with Shadowmist. I have spent many Christmasses without family and I know how bleak it can look. Your 2 year old will not be interested in presents so do not even think about that, and as for tree etc, well you can make decorations with the simplest of household objects. Can you not ask your family to help you out to get home? Put pride aside and ask? Maybe you should plan in the new year to move closer to them if you miss them so much.

    I hope one of the seers here can help you, I know how you feel but it is really not as bad as it seems when the time comes.


  • If you can't be with family this Xmas, why not try for a substitute - why not invite your neighbours and their kids over for an inexpensive get-together (dip and chips) or a meet-and-greet? You might just end up with an invite to a Christmas party or at the very least some company for the holidays. We live on a planet that is over-crowded with people - there is no need to be lonely at any time of the year. You can make plenty of new friends if you have the will and enthusiasm - now is a great time to have an 'excuse' for being open and inviting to the friends you haven't met yet. Don't wait for life to happen to you - go out and bring it home to you. Do it for yourself and your child.

  • I have a sister who one year could not afford a tree. She hung tree lights down from the ceiling in the shape of a tree. It was beautiful. This may not be so good with a 2 year old, but maybe do it on top of a counter where the child can see it but not reach it.

    As for presents and how to celebrate...wrap up whatever toys or games you have, even if it is in brown paper bags. It is the act of uncovering the surprize inside. Then play with each one as soon as you open it together and before proceeding to the next.

    You can spend the time worrying, wondering and hoping or you can spend it playing. One choice is much more fun than the rest.


  • Great Idea's, Hello Beth!

  • thanks everyone for the kind responses. they really uplifted my spirits... i suppose a quiet holiday with just my baby girl and me could be kind of nice 🙂 and i think my room mate's family is taking me in.

    i guess the only thing i'm worried about is my job.... finances right now are tight... and i cant help but at least spend some extra money for a christmas eve dinner or crafts. but even having enough budget for that seems very unlikely....

    i'm hoping some letters i've sent to some higher-ups in my job will grant me the opportunity to get more hours. but i just don't know..

  • Best of wishes to you Dafphodil and your baby girl as well!

    I'm so very happy we could all offer some uplifting for you and with this bit of a better outlook or seeing some light, I am sure things will turn around for you very soon. Much of it is being able to find the options and sseing how they can lead to even more options.

    Maybe add a craft and food item together like a gingerbread house or along those lines can engage both you and your daughter in a new christmas eve tradition. Or for that matter, start some kind of a new tradition for the both of you this christmas. Then when you look back on it, rather than a lack during the time, the both of you can will remember it was the start of that tradition. Your First of something!

    Blessings for a magically beautiful and uplifting Christmas to you both!

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