AstraAngel, May I have a Reading?

  • Hi. I'm new here and have posted a topic concerning a virgo male that I've been seeing. I've gotten some insight from TheCaptain that is most appreciated. I'm a virgo as well, and I like to get different perspectives on any confusing topic for clearer views. I've been browsing forums for a few days and it's clear that MsSunny and AstraAngel are always in high demand. Could one of you ladies please give me an idea of what my virgo guy is thinking and feeling about our relationship right now? His name is Jonathan, birth date is 9/4/82. I am Kameelah, birth date 9/5/85. I know many may feel that I should have an idea, being that I'm also a virgo, but he and I are pretty different I think. Thank you in advance.

  • "What is my virgo guy thinking and feeling about our relationship right now?

    (His name is Jonathan, birth date is 9/4/82. I am Kameelah, birth date 9/5/85.)

    Six of Wands - looks very good - he is excited and is liking where things are going. This is a pretty amazing card to see pop up right away the prospects for the relationship already look very good.

    The Emperor - he can be a little detached though - so I have the sense he is not opening up to you like you would like him to. Could be a little domineering.

    Queen of Pentacles - so this is you in the relationshp. So we will now start drawing cards on each of you to gain some insight into your parts in the relationship...

    Him - Knight of Pentacles - he is chasing you for sure. The Knight of Pentacles can be slow and methodical, and a little boring at times. You wish he would open up more, show more excitement! Hey this is supposed to be a relationship!

    You - The Seven of Cups - shows you dreaming of love and life and possibilities with him... longing and there is a lot of daydreaming going on with you.

    Him - the Three of Wands - He looks your way often, and has visions for the two of you. Still in the formative stages

    You - The Hierophant - You see him as a guy with a chip on his shoulder at times, you wish you could crack through that exterior of his, he sometimes hides behind his words to you.

    Him - Justice - He is weighing out something about the relationship right now. He expects something from you that you may be withholding from him.

    You - The World - you have great aspirations about this relationship. You see a lot of opportunity with him and see no limits to what you could accomplish with him.

    HIm - Nine of Swords - He has landed in a place of isolation and pain. Very painful right now.

    You - Six of Swords - You are moving away from him here, heading off to another shore.

    The cards have already traced a diverging pattern with the spread...

    so the sense i have is that you two are growing apart... do you want to change that?

  • Yes I would. I feel really drawn to him. This reading was amazing, thank you. How do I go about making sure this relationship progresses positively?

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