AstraAngel for Time's 2011 Person of the Year? ;)

  • Astra Angel,

    I've been lurking and joined the forum just for you. I hope you find that flattering 🙂 I really appreciate your responsiveness and willingness to help others and hope that in helping us, all your dreams are fulfilled 10-fold and may your blessings rain . . . no pour . . . no . . . almost drown you in monsoon like abundance! 😉 My credentials are: 062981. I have a million and one questions but I'll hold them for a simple "what is going on . . . and what is for my highest and best good?" tarot/psychic reading, please. I invite my angels to join you and guide you to guide me. Thank you so much for your time and soul . . . . .

    In gratitude, MHO ❤

  • Hello? 😞

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