Need relationship advice/insight...

  • I am in a relationship with an aquarus man , they are slow of the mark. He was at the time playing the field to speak as well as dating another woman. Also trying to get back with his ex. I let it all go became a friend to him now we've been together 7 years. All I can say is ask him if there is anyone else in his life, if you can which is very hard. Then offer him friendship mine was slow to deceide what he wanted but left to make his own decision through time it all worked out. Good luck but put yourself first.

  • Trust your women instincts! Go for it, if u end up getting hurt just turn to the next page.

    Thiers to much in life that one cannot afford to miss, and one of those things is love.

    It sound to good of an offer to just pass up. Trust your instincts, go out of your way once

    in a while. Dance in the rain. If you get hurt, i hope you don't, then say well f**k you

    a**wipe! im to much for you anyway! don't be afraid. WE WOMEN got to stick together!

  • i am in a long distance relationship. we have been talking for about 18 months. i'm a cancer my friend is a piceses we have been trying to get to see one another but it's always been something else always that takes us off track. want to get information if this person is sincere here befor proceeding forward. we talk a lot but now it's getting far and in between. have discussed that with my friend but keep getting excuses your take on this.

  • Can any one help me with the blog site.! I can't figure it out. Do I have to register with pay pal? HighPO9 said don't worry about the money but I can't register as a follower..


  • I just joined after reading your relationship post about your aquarius man and I too am so confused by a very charming water bearer whose birthday is 02/18. I'm a Virgo and my nature just won't allow me to be controlled. Now I do belieive in and can submit to the right man but I can't deal with the narrow mindedness that it's their way or no way. My Aquarius man has me now rethinking whether or not he's the one; when at first he had me all in the bag. That is until the authority in him showed up. I could really use more insight in this Aquarius man thing....Good luck with yours because I know how gifted they are with the power of passion & pursausion.

  • Loanlady-

    you dont need to register with paypal to register with the followers. It is very easy you just hit the plus button but you need to have a google/ gmail account first. To make one is also free.

    I hope that helps.

  • I am so sorry, I feel like a dumb blonde but know I will say oh, that button when I figure it out.

    I do not see a plus button. I see on the right donation and administration, belly dancing and chakras

    reference, an follwers but nothing happend when I click followers and nothing shows up under there

    Do I need to go to chat room?

    I appreciate your services and want to start blogging, I feel like you are authentic since I have been told similar things from spirit guide readings.

    Thank you,,

    I have tried going to the site thru internet explorer rather that Mozilla foxfire but it is the same


    I am better at loans that computers!!

  • Hi Loanlady-

    under the Free Daily Chakras is Followers- and there you can click on Join this Site button.

    Click on it and follow instructions. It looks like below.

    I hope it works.

    Join this site

    with Google Friend Connect

  • This post is deleted!

  • Unfortunately that does not come up for me under that area. I might try from a different computer.

    Thank you


  • Happy birthday!

    Below is what i see on the site.. I cut and pasted but there is nothing under followers to join, no place to click on..I love the info I am reading on the site though, Thank you for the information.


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  • Hi Loanlady-

    thanks for the wishes. It does happen sometimes that the followers link is unaccessible. You will just need to reload the site or try at a different time-

  • highp09 we were chatting and the windows closed I dont know what happened. it will not open back on my history file, were we finished with the reading? thanks

  • Decipher this please. (runes)

    The Diamond spread reveals the dynamic forces at work in a situation. It is the spread of choice for understanding a hidden conflict. Stone Runes are most commonly used for questions about the natural world and things beyond human control.

    The bottom rune represents the foundation that forms the basis of the issue. Gebo means gift, and like many gifts, the rune may be understood on many levels. Gifts are generally positive things, for both the giver and the recipient. In many cultures however, gifts and favors carry with them an obligation to respond in kind. It is for this reason that gifts, and hence the rune Gebo, are frequently symbolic of friendships, marriages, alliances, mergers, and other bonds between people or organizations. Gebo is a strong rune and the unions represented are strong as well. Moreover, Gebo is not reversible, as true friendships are not easily undone.

    The left rune represents one of the forces acting on the issue at hand. Perth is the rune of chance and gambling. Throw the dice, read your fate. Gaming is a fine way to pass the long as one is careful. Games of chance have outcomes that are hidden from us, and as such Perth represents secrets unknown. Perth symbolizes enjoyment and wild abandon, but be watchful, for Perth is also the rune of mystery and the outcomes unexpected. You cannot lose if you do not play, but neither can you win...

    The right rune represents another of the forces acting on the issue at hand. Ger is one of the runes that touches on the cycles of the year, in this case the fall harvest. These cycles are eternal, which is represented in the rune by the fact that it is unchanged by reversal. Ger can represent pregnancy or other forms of fruitfulness, and is especially indicative of the cycles of providence and karma - that which has been sown is now being reaped. This rune can also represent the cycles of wealth, for crops were frequently a sign of wealth.

    The top rune represents the conclusion to which your strivings can carry you. Dagez means daylight, and represents divine light. This rune generally refers to dawn (the initial sparking of energy) or to midday (the climax of energy). Both dawn and midday are symbolic of change, but unlike the changes in the perpetual circle of the year which are slow and subtle, the changes over a day are much faster and more dramatic. The breaking of a new day is symbolic of the rapid illumination of dismal circumstances, and is suggestive of Satori. Be careful - although this rune generally suggests a positive change, the symbology of a peaking point suggests that there must be a change downward as well. Fortunately for some, this rune is cyclic and irreversible, and so permanence is not promised - the only thing you can be sure of is an exciting ride.

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