Need relationship advice/insight...

  • Hi HighP09...That is okay, I agree to disagree...but to me following purely tarot and not your heart, head or your instincts makes no can't let cards (no matter how powerful they may be at times) control your destiny.... My advice to anyone out there would be to use tarot as a guide to help you in times of confusion, but again you can't allow the cards to make the final decision. And even at that... I'm sorry but your interpretation of the cards can be very different than someone elses...I know this since I've followed tarot for years and I know how to read them myself. Even online sites will tell you three or four different meanings per when you read for someone else it's hard to be 100% certain you have the correct interpretration. It's really difficult to know when many of the cards could stand for a literal individual, for the energy that has meaning for either you personally or the situation, etc. I also believe that your thinking can adversely affect a reading so if you are in a negative mood, you may pull negative cards and vice versa.

    So I'm not telling butterfly to take the risk with some hidden knowledge that this man may be wrong for her...truth be told no one on this site has the knowledge to know that for sure...all we can do is give advice. And I believe that if your heart, intuition and your mind all say "yes"...then you have to follow that and take the can't allow a tarot reading to tell you not to take the risk...what if the reading is wrong? At least if butterfly is wrong at the end of the day, she can live with herself knowing she did take the risk and try to find true love...after all, that is what we are all here for.

    Butterfly...I still say you should do what is best for you. Also, you would be surprised the power "negative" thinking and "negative" energy has....I believe this is part of the problem in your life....change your thinking to "positive" and try to have "positive" energy to draw those things to you....don't let the negative control you any longer. Try to go for it with this man if he is what you want and don't feel you have to date other men just because you aren't in a relationship with him yet....I believe you should only do this if you meet another man you really like...if you don' need to force things...just let them unfold naturally. In the meantime, be good to yourself, do things you enjoy in your free time when you aren't dating...and just relax and have fun...

  • KSG4567- now you starting making more sense.

    Cards work best with people you know least and are not involved with. The different interpreations come when you ask the same question too many times- then they dont answer. As far as different sites giving different interpretations that is because they are automated systems and not real readers behind the cards. I know that they try to teach tarot in books but honestly not everyone can do that- even if it looks like they can do it. Cards give me an image and a story - I don t read card by card- they sort of tie in- and are certain cards that pop out more than others.. Cards sometimes dont want to give an answer that is fine too- as long as you learn to acknowledge that and wait for a later time.

    You are right Tarot does not take decisons- people do. However people should listen to Tarot advice and take that into consideration when they make their decisions.

    Going back to Butterfly- I am confused by one thing- Tarot showed her on the move- Knight of Wands and she told us that he moved to Belgium from London..but now it';s not true? Or did I misunderstood? I researched back into the meaning of that card and it came that the motion may refer to the relationship and not to her physical movement. In that sense it can mean that she is pursuing the relationship and she is moving a bit too fast- which are attributes of the knight of wands.

    Perhaps this makes more sense.

  • Hi HighP09, I had previously asked if you could give me a reading regarding my love life and finances. If you can i would greatly appreciate it.

  • ksg4567... thank you. I think you really have a few excellent points. I do believe in the power of tarot, but I also know (and agree with you) that the cards can be interpreted in different ways depending on the situation and the mood of the questioner. I also think that the cards are a guide, but not a definitive answer and that sometimes you have to listen to your head, heart and gut and if they all agree, then listen and go for it. Anything worth while is worth taking a risk for... especially finding true love. And you're also correct in your assessment... I really don't want to date anyone else right now, I don't want to date just for the sake of dating. I don't necessarily want to sit around and twiddle my thumbs while he's getting his act together, but that's what my friends are for... to keep me busy! Plus I do need to work on my positive energy and thinking more. Lately, I've been giving in to the negative and that's definitely the wrong thing to do. I've got to eliminate the negative and help my life change it's cycle and be more positive.

    HighP09.... I think you've got me confused with a few other people and that may be the problem with the reading. "My" guy lives in Wilmington, DE and as far as I know, he has never lived or even been to London and is not planning a move to Belgium. There's been a few things you've said in a few of the emails that you've sent me and the info in them doesn't pertain to me or my situation. I know you ended up getting a bigger response to your offer of help for us, so I think a few of our situations may have gotten crossed. Maybe we should start fresh?

  • Hi HighP09,

    Yes, I agree that makes good sense.... 🙂

    Since you do readings, I would be interested in fact if you would do a reading for me on my love life. I met someone through work that I would like to find out about. I've gone to someone here locally and had my cards read (she was very good) so I know how that came out...but it's been a little while (and as we all know things constantly change) so I am interested in seeing what they would say...I'm also curious about my work, finances, home and what it would say...that is a lot to ask, though...would you mind conducting a reading for me? If I had to pick one out of all of these topics, it would be my love life....

  • Hi HighP09,

    As a side note, I conducted a Celtic Cross tarot reading today for myself with the question of what would happen with this Virgo I like from work are the results I received. I have also contacted the Virgo via email, but I don't think the email has been read yet...and I am waiting to hear back. I am a Leo.

    First Card - The Moon

    Second Card - Two of Cups

    Third Card - Eight of Swords

    Fourth Card - Six of Pentacles

    Fifth Card - Four of Pentacles

    Sixth Card - Eight of Wands

    Seventh Card - King of Pentacles

    Eigth Card - King of Swords

    Ninth Card - The World

    Outcome - Knight of Wands

  • HighP09...My fifth card should actually be the Eight of Wands and my sixth card should be Four of Pentacles...Sorry about the mistake above. I think I'm too close to the situation...the cards for me personally aren't make much sense except I think I might receive news soon...maybe?

  • HighP09,

    I am new to this forum and curious about readings. I went to a person who is a spirit guide and the relationship question " when will I meet a great guy, I said also, "so you are saying it is not someone I am already involved with? she said Oh,, I dont know...

    I have been 3 years on/off with a man. Do you or does anyone out there have any clue about virgo

    female 08/29/ 57 Libra male 10/11/57?

    He said I was selfish and the relationship was irreconcilable and codependent.. I have never been with a more selfish controlling person.. but one who does things for me that cost money, I think he likes the power of money and the control he has over other people because of it.

    I have really strong feelings for him.. also based on b-dates, I read we are soulmates!

  • Hi, What ksq mentioned in her posts sounds reasonable to me. Reasonable people can disagree w/each other. I have to say that Aquarian men and me don't really mix well. My mother(LIbra) said that while she was dating my dad(Aquarius) was seeing another lady. She said that relationship ended because the lady got back w/her ex-husband. Then, my father and her started dating more.

    If you are really curious about this guy, it wouldn't hurt to investigate a little. But, time will tell. He might be ending a relationship or casual dating. I don't doubt that he is interested in you. I hope that you don't settle for less than what you want and need. If everything seems to be ambiguous to you, the best advice to give you is to continue dating and having friends.

    Sometimes it's a turn-off if you feel someone is already planning your future and you've known them a couple of weeks.

  • butterfly- it looks like there was some confusion about you but there was no confusion about the cards because you put them here- so I read what you picked. But we will do it again on Sunday and see what comes out.

    ksg4567- i am a leo too 🙂

    I will be glad to answer you but I dont do readings in here anymore. Please come join my blog and I will answer you there.


  • Loanlady-

    the same thing for you please go to my blog

    and register there then I can answer your question. But please make sure you pick your card first- I have a post regarding that and then try to phrase your question more clear. I am not sure what your question is- since there is a lot of history on your relationship that speaks for itself. Do you want to know if you will be together besides all the problems?

  • thank you, but I don't know of your do I go there. And maybe I am the selfish one since

    I need to know if I am in the wrong. Some very hurtful things were said to me. My Virgo

    feet have to touch the earth and I have to feel the truth.

  • I found the blog but it does not allow me to type a question. Do I need to register something?

    Sorry I am new to bloging.. anyone else know why this does not work for me?

  • ..sure- you need to register first with blogger and then go under followers on the right hand side. Hit the plus button and follow instructions. You will need to have or make a google/ gmail account.

    It only takes few minutes if you get the hang of it.

  • Loanlady- I m really sorry about your situation. I posted your response to my blog- under the new readings comments.

  • Hi, Dalia... Thanks very much for you input. I think you're right... ksg4567 does make some great points. I'm happy to hear that your mom and dad's relationship worked out well. I've never been involved with an Aquarian before, so it's new to me. I think the guy I like does really like me, but just isn't ready to commit yet... which although I'm ready to begin a relationship, he's not yet. I'm keeping my eyes open for anyone else that might interest me in the meantime, but so far, no one does. I think this guy is the real deal for me and we will get together again. Again, as ksg4567 said... I'm trying very hard to keep only positive thoughts and get rid of anything negative.

    High P00... I look forward to talking with you today or tomorrow in your chat room. I'll check back to see when it's good for you!

  • Thank you so much HighP09,

    I understand the situation. There have been so many on/ off agains with this man. I am curious about the other card. I have no one else in my life. I am very concerned about my financial situation. I hope to get one of the jobs I have applied. I can not afford to do the pay pal fee at this time. I may have to start using my 401k to live on. I did get to the blog and registration page though, Thank you ,

    I appreciate the reading.

  • Loanlady- I hope the best for you, despite the circumstances. I am sure you will put yourself together.

  • So is there a fee for the blog site, wasn't sure. If so do you reapply each month or is it an automatic charge? I would love to have a financial reading but need to watch my funds. I would like to know about the "other " card too. Thanks highP0, I know I will be okay since I now know I did not come here to earth at this time to fix anything, The right people will come into my life, just like you did..


  • No- do not worry about the money at this time. If you will get a job you can help later.

    Sorry- but I did not save your reading..and I am not sure which card you are talking about.

    You can do another reading on my blog. Just register there and under followers.

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