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  • Hi,

    I had posted to the forum about an Aquarius man with a leo rising, pisces moon....and i am a Gemini woman , gemini rising, scorpio moon. Now, we have come to realize there is a real cosmic connection...but we just don't seem to be able to find a way to meet yet (different towns) although we talk everyday for about 4 hours and sometimes til sunrise...Has Mercury been in retrograde or something? We have had ridiculous problems with our internet/messaging apps.

    I don't get the feeling he is cheating on me whatsoever. I do get the feeling he is making sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am 'the one' ...he says I am his muse. What do you read into the delay, if anything?

  • Hi, Myviewpoint... thank you for your input. I really appreciate it. He is my first Aquarian male and he does have me confused. His b'day is actually 2/19, so he's on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces. I've talked with a psychic friend of mine and she still has a good feeling, but that for us, it's gonna be a little bit longer to really get things going , but that it is going to happen. She feels that he is an honest person (definitely goes with what you said), but that he's not quite ready for me yet. He is talking to other women, as well as me, and he will probably go on a date with some of them, but he's not going to find someone better for him than me. It's all a waiting game, which I hate. I'm ready for a relationship now... he's not. My eyes are still open and looking (sort of), but I really like him. There's something about him that just makes me feel really good. It's weird. Are you still involved with your Aquarian guy? Let's hope you and I both have better luck coming relationship-wise SOON!

  • Deb- you seem to have the pink glasses on regarding this guy. I hope it will work out afterall. Aquarius men are not the best men to date..I knew a couple but I never felt enough attraction to date one. The problem is that I kind of see right through people and it is hard for me to get fooled. Pisces men are more attractive I think, but still have commitment issues. At least they are more sensitive to women then other men. Try to find out his ascendent it will give you a better understanding of his personality. By the way I added a new comment on my blog regarding your reading- perhaps you want to see that.

    Take care now.

  • I got rid of that aquarian man years ago and am VERY happily married to a Libra, he is the love of my life. Since trust is never and issue in our relatinship I am free to concern my mind with the things I love and not what is my man up to now.

  • Hi, Myviewpoint, congratulations on being in a happy and loving marriage. You are so lucky!! It's funny because before I met the Aquarian guy I'm really liking, I was involved with a a Libra guy. At times, he was amazing and I enjoyed talking to him and being involved with him, but he has more issues, trauma and drama in his life than a Jerry Springer show. It's a shame. Hopefully, because he's on the cusp, things will work out the way I want them to with the Aquarian guy. I'm really, really hoping.

  • I just have advice for you...forget the tarot readings and the psychic readings...whether it's this guy or a different will take a risk, bottom line. And you will never really know for sure (no matter what the cards say or how good the feeling is in your "gut") whether he is telling you the my advice to you if you really like him...follow your heart and go for it! If you get hurt in the end, better to have taken the risk..then to have always wondered...that is how I see it. Of course, you never know too...he could be just what your looking for. Good Luck!

  • Ksg4567- if you dont believe in the power of Tarot- which is totally fine-

    what are you doing on this site?

    It is quite unusual.

  • I don't think ksg4567 is saying that they don't believe in power of Tarot or psychics I think what they're telling me is to follow my heart and go for it. There are no definites in any relationship and to just listen to the cards or follow a "gut" feeling is not always a guarantee. I do believe in the power of Tarot and psychics, but I also believe in my heart and ksg4567 is totally right... if I really like him, I need to take the risk and believe in him and what we could be together. And yeah, he could be just what I'm looking for. ksg4567... thank you so much for your really great advice!!

  • Hi HighP09,

    I was wondering as well, how can I have a reading on Finance and Love?

  • Butterfly - Your story is so amusing to me. My birthdate is also 02/19 and I am on the cusp. I have ascendents in Virgo and Aries. I have to say I get very confused at times, especially when I read my horoscope, sometimes they are very similar. Maybe he is a little confused too. Relationships are a big deal and if he is like me in any way - I hate leading people on. I really have respects for peoples feeling especially when they are about me. Hang in there.. He might just want to sort some things out. Then he will see how you are really for him.

  • Thank you for the insight Angeles0219. I think it would be really confusing to be so on the cusp like you and the guy I wrote about. And you're right, maybe he is really confused right now. I think he does take relationships seriously and he doesn't want to rush into anything because he doesn't want to hurt me or himself. The psychic friend that I talked to said that he doesn't like to rush into anything and that even though he is developing feelings for me, he's not quite ready for a relationship. I'm hoping that we can at least keep talking and get together and let it build... even if it's slowly. Even though I'm ready now, I could deal with that because I do like him and feel a real connection. But, thanks so much for your input... you really helped.

  • hi highpo9 could you do a reading for me i'm a gemin also [ 6/2] i'v been married to a libra [10/13] for 20years since i was 15 we've been though alot together [he's cheated i forgave] he use to drink alot until 2months ago which i hope stays that way i love him but i dont know if he loves me the same way or if he stays because we've been together so long. and i would like to know about my son [9/2] his girlfriend is pregant she just found out i have doubt s that its his but i dont want him to know that because he doesnt but i would like to know so i can be happy this child will be my first grandchild. any help i will be thankful.

  • Hi, I do believe in the power of tarot, but I think we have to be careful not to let it control our lives. I have done readings and have gone to professionals who completed readings on my behalf that were 100% correct and I have had them not be so accurate so it really depends. Also, I think that it is difficult for a third party tarot reader who has never met you or received your energy to conduct a reading that is as accurate as one where your energy is involved. Now this is just my opinion so I don't want to offend anyone on this site...take it for what it is worth, but I feel that your energy in touching those cards or in at least meeting the tarot reader, is very important. Also, my experience is tarot readings change by the hour, day, etc. as factors change so when we conduct a reading that is negative...tomorrow it might be positive based on evolving factors so you have to be careful in putting full belief in it...the cards are there I think to guide you and of course your intuition is another guide. But at the end of the day, all decisions that are of great importance in life are risks and only we can decide what is best for us...even if the cards say otherwise...

  • I do think if he has not commited than you should go out on other dates...not to sleep with anyone but to keep your options open....

  • ksg4567... you are totally right. The tarot changes constantly as our energies change constantly. I've done my own readings and get different answers within minutes of each reading because of my attitude or what my heart is feeling at that moment. I've been in a negative state of mind lately because of other factors, not just the guy I'm wanting a relationship with. Right now, my entire life is up in the air with not one part of it on stable ground. It's been a long cycle of this, so I'm hoping that things will be changing shortly and start a cycle that is much more positive. And you're totally right, anything of great importance is a risk and only we can decide if it's really worth the risk. To me, finding love is definitely worth the risk and my intuition and heart are really all I've got right now.

    And journey12... I don't think he's ready to commit just yet, so I suppose that I should go on other dates, but right now, there's really no one that I'm interested in. But I'm not one to fall easily into bed with someone, so sex with anyone else isn't an option. And even tho' this is really personal, he and I haven't had sex yet, although things were a little on the hot side. He respected me enough when I said no, he stopped and wasn't angry or anything. To me, that was a huge telling of the type of person he is.

  • KSJ4567- i m sorry you dont really make sense to me.

    You encouraging something you dont even know if is right or wrong..

    Telling someone to go with their gut even if that is in the wrong direction does not seem to even be a question for you- as you already know.

    You are suggesting Tarot does not work from distance which if you go to my blog you are going to see the opinion of other people saying otherwise.

    I do believe that there are people I can connect with better than others that is always the case. That may be the reason of your failed readings too.. you may have misconnect with the reader- when that happens you cannot get anything out of it. People should use their gut only when they are highly intuitive and emotionally connected to the issue at hand.

  • Butterfly- I told you what the problem is- it is not even this particular guy- it is your dating pattern that will keep going on an on leading to bad relationships until you break the cycle.

    Enough said and I am sure that one day you will come to realize what I just said. Hopefully sooner than later.

  • Kathy72- you have a difficult question for me. Not because Tarot cannot answer what the cards are saying but because it will be unfair the child to receive any less love and consideration if is not your sons. A child is a child and should receive unconditional love regardless of who the father is, if your son is going to accept him as his own.

    I dont know I have some ethical issue with this particular question.

    There are still some serious problems in your relationship and there are still reasons for you to doubt his loyality but you will still stay together. However, there is still a message to keep your guard up since the situation may become risky.

    I suggest you pay closer attention to your husband and your relationship with him and leave the problem of your son- because I do not really think that is a problem at all. A child is a blessing anyway.

  • HighP09... I don't understand. I didn't get that interpretation at all... that it is my dating pattern and I need to break the cycle. What is my pattern and how do I change it? I really want my life to take a more positive turn, so I would really appreciate your input. I read your reading totally different than what you just posted. I have been in a really bad cycle for a number of years now with both work and romance, plus I've lost both of my parents within 7 years of each other. So, I've been in a downward cycle and I need it to change, and as you said, hopefully sooner than later.

  • highpo9... thank you your right it is a blessing it will be part of my family and i will love him

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