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  • I'm a Gemini woman (5/23) and I recently met an Aquarius man (2/19). We had been talking on line for a while and then went on our first date on 6/27. It was really a wonderful evening and things got a little hotter than I'm used to, but it felt ok and comfortable, not sleazy and not planned on his part. He kept mentioning our next date. The next day, he emailed me and in our conversation told me that he really enjoyed our date. He had also told me much earlier in our emails that he believes in focusing on one person at a time and wants to give that person the satisfaction of dealing with an honest and dependable man and someone who isn't a player. When we talk, he volunteers info to me, because I"ve been trying not to be pushy or possessive. We have a very similar sense of humor and obviously, there is a major attraction. But, we're not talking every day and sometimes I don't hear from him for a couple of days at a time. I actually asked him the other day if another date was still a possibility and he said certainly, but so far, he hasn't asked. My "gut" is telling me that he's for real and he's not player and is developing feelings for me, but is taking things slow (and I definitely am for him), but I've been burned before, recently, so I'm a little afraid to trust. Any insight for me? I'd really appreciate the input. Thank you!!

  • GO with your "gut". And I know its hard, but you can't let old scars affect your current relationships. he is taking his time. maybe thats how he handles his relationships. you are a gemini, and you are like a rolling stone! SLOW DOWN STONE! Try to gather a little moss. but don't put your life on hold. let things happen as they happen. he'll come around. he's not one to hurt others.

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate the comforting words and the advice.... especially "slow down stone". I really want a relationship and especially one with him. We seem to fit well together. I'm trying hard not to let old scars affect this. Thank you again 🙂

  • Hi, Go with your instincts. He might be busy--don't know. I'm Aquarius and although busy, I love to talk to friends and on-line. I can not talk for all Aquarians. Some can be aloof.

    Follow your instincts always.

  • I did a reading on your question. It shows that he is juggling more than one relationship at this time. He plays 2 games at the same time and he will continue to do so until he will drop the ball. Sorry - it is a love triangle- that means he plays ball in 3 or more. He does not want to let go of you, but he is still looking.

    I think he is undecied..and he will continue to be so until he makes a decision.. but not very soon.

    It looks like he has money too or he is very into money. It could be that he feels you have conflicting views over money or it may be that he thinks you dont have enough money.


  • Thank you for doing a reading on my situation. If you're reading shows that he is juggling more than one relationship at this time, then that would mean that he lied to me when he said he focuses on one person at a time and wants to give them the satisfaction of dealing with an honest and dependable guy. I know he is talking to a bunch of different women and he's told me that they are just friends. I'm also talking to a bunch of different guys, but none that I'm the least bit interested in. He is working 2 jobs with crazy hours. Is there anything that he's told me that I can believe? I really like this guy a lot and my instinct had told me that he moves a little slow, but is a straight shooter.

  • Hello HighP09,

    I was wondering if you can do a reading for me in regards to my financial and love life?

  • Hi, HIghP09....

    Thank you again for doing the reading on my situation, but I'm sorry to ask... could you be mistaken or could there more info that you need from me? I had talked to a psychic friend of mine and she actually had a good feeling about the guy I wrote about and me... she said he moves slow and I can't rush him or it would push him away, but that she sees us being very good together. She was totally right about a guy I was involved with a few months ago. And a couple of other people I mentioned him to also had positive feelings about us. Please advise.

    Thank you,


  • well the cards I got for you show exectly what I said. No confusion. Perhaps you want to pick your cards on your own during a specific question about that guy and this particular relationship.

    Then come back here and put in the cards you received see what it comes out when you do your own reading. Perhaps will be more accurate when you get involved directly.

  • That sounds like a good idea. How many cards should I pick? Is there a way we can do this while talking to each other via IM, email or phone? Would that make it more accurate?

  • ok

    just do a celtic cross automatic relationship readin at undert Tarot- first tab.

    Then on the left side you can pick a couple of types of readings. They will ask you to pay but you don;t have to just pick the cards and write them back to me. Meet me on my blog with your cards. See my info under the new Free Readings topic.

  • Ok.... I'm going to try that right now. Thank you so much!!

  • Hi.... I am having so much trouble getting my post on your blog. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I registered as a follower (I'm Jodibett) and drew my cards for the Relationship Celtic Cross and for some reason, I can't figure out how to send you this info on your blog. I've typed it 3 times and can't get it to send. I'm feeling really stupid!!

    The cards I drew are:

    The center card- The Devil

    The card on top of the center- 2 of Wands

    The card below the center- 10 of Swords

    The 2 cards to the left of the center- Page of Pentacles and The Sun

    The 2 cards to the right of the center- The World and the Queen of Swords

    The 4 cards to the right from bottom up to the top- Knight of Wands, The Fool, 9 of Wands and Page of Swords.

    Please let me know if you need any more info about Parker and I and I'll be happy to fill you in. Thank you again for doing this for me. I truly appreciate your kindness!!

    Many thanks,


  • Are you Jodi Bett?

    If not please come join me on my blog under followers. I can read to you there- just use the same screenname butterfly523.


  • Hi... I finally got my comment to go thru on your blog. 🙂 Yes, I'm Jodi Bett in your followers. Please let me know when it will be a good time for you to "talk".

    Thanks again...


  • Virgo 37 response to your question well ! We must leave the past as it is an movetoward the future. I review your insight on the date an,I also think it went ok , But if I may suggest is to allow him to move slow and please do not bring in the other relationships that you have had in the past slow is good fast is not good on 2009. Patients is a wonderful thing to have. One m,ore thing if i read correctly youall had sex on the first date,.

  • Constancemarie.... are you talking to me? Some of what you said made a lot of sense to my original post, but I don't know who Virgo 37 is. If you are talking to me.... I'd like to hear more and clarify a couple of things. Thank you!!

  • Hi Butterfly you can see your reading on my blog now.

    Thanks for your patience.

    PS- you need to be signed on with the site not only as follower to be able to post under comments.

  • Thanks again so much for your time and doing the reading for me. I posted a comment after I read your reading. It just doesn't sound like the guy I was asking about. The reading really sounded like it was about a guy I was interested in before Parker. Strange! But I really do appreciate you doing it for me. Your reading is really the first negative thing I've heard regarding Parker and I.

  • Butterfly, I really hate to burst your bubble, but I am a Gemini (5/27) and I have had nothing but trouble with aquarian males. They lie right to your face and are only concerned about themselves and what they want. They can be very sneaky, but, most of the time they are straight shooters and if you ask they will tell you exactly where you stand with them. Before you ever ask him a question make sure you are prepared to hear the truth. Aquarian males are notorious for cheating and having two or three women at a time and making them all think they are the only ones. Be careful or your heart will break. Protect yourself and back off.

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