Lost Watch - Captain Can You Help, Please?

  • HI Captain,

    My mother lost her favorite watch. It's a Movado watch and she can't find it anywhere. Any ideas on where it could be? Thank you so much!!

  • Does she own any pearls - because I am getting the word 'pearl' with this watch for some reason? It could be near some pearl-coloured object or cloth. I am getting the impression of it being dropped into a bag or pouch. I also see your mother searching under a bed - perhaps she tried this?

  • i passed the info to her. i ll let you know if she finds it. thanks again!

  • I am also picking up some discomfort your mother feels towards this watch - she may subconsciously have wanted it gone.

  • no discomfort, but she will look for it. thank you!

    one week until my pre-op testing and i hope 4 weeks until my surgery. my mom and wife are thankful that you helped me stay positive.

    do you see whats causing the pain on my right side near my stoma? i know you said i will be ok, but i still get nervous.

  • No conscious discomfort...but there is something there that is bothering her.

    Tension is causing your problems - deep down, you are still somewhat fearful and it's making your body react. You need to really relax more.

  • im trying to relax, but i fear ,y pains are adhesions and this will make my reversal fail. i keep trying to believe it will be ok as you know it will be. its scarey.

  • I have told you you have nothing to worry about - but still you worry. There is nothing useful that stress and worry does.

  • I've always been a worrier. I know it will work and i am trying so hard not to worry. When I do, I just think of what you said and how I will be ok. You'll be one of the first I contact after my surgery.

  • Start looking forward to your future.

  • i will, im just tired of the pain and waiting. im gonna cry when i reach and feel the bad is gone.

    we still cant find the watch. my mom isnt looking hard, so i believe you are right.

    thank you.

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