I am in need of a reading/help in my life.

  • My Name is Mary Barron.

    I am 27 Years of age. I feel lost as to what I should do with my life, I feel like I am holding myself back from reaching my full potential and I haven't figured out how to fix that and stop fearing Life.

    I know, this probably sounds very confusing but any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.


  • Mary, I do feel there is a huge brick wall blocking your lifepath. For years you have been trying to clear this obstacle the hard way - by climbing over it. But you need to try other methods - like going around it or knocking it down completely. The wall doesn't extend forever to the sides. I feel you can get stuck in a routine or rut of doing the same tired old things that make you feel exhausted and frustrated. What can you think of doing that you have never tried before - how can you approach your situation with a new attitude? How can you see yourself in a new way? Begin now to live like you have never lived before - and you will find a life that you have never lived before.

  • Hi Mary,

    I am not a reader, but what for what it may be of worth to you..words from experience.

    Are there things in your life that you have always wanted to do...for example, work with children, or start your own business? To learn a new language? Travel?

    Whatever interest you may have, the first step in realizing your own potential is acquiring the knowledge needed to fulfill your life's desire.. When you take the step to learn about what interests you most, the next stepping stone will reveal itself.

    I once auditioned for a play because it was something I had always wanted to do, but had never tried. I had no experience, nor did I prepare...which would have been the wiser thing to do. lol..I was horrible. But getting out on the stage and overcoming my fear was self empowering. I figured out acting wasnt my forte...and I learned something about myself . Overcoming fear and presenting myself to the unknown was self empowering, and self enlightening.

    Ride the rollercoaster of life with your hands up


    Best to you, Mary.

  • Thank you both for your answers. 🙂 Greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Mary,

    How are you doing?

  • Hey Patch,

    I am good. How are you hun?

  • I am doing okay, but my grandson is in the hospital. Hopefully he will come home today. Lung related issues.

    Good to hear from you.

    Did you try something new as the Captain mentioned? What was it, if so?

    It is so interesting to look back at our thoughts and see where we have grown from there. lol..I have a journal that I meant to write in often....it seems I get to it about once a year.

    Queen of Procrastination. Never the less...interesting to read.

    Living life with intent is one of our greatest challenges....to be mindful of those things which not only make us feel good, but to expand our awareness to doing things that make a difference elsewhere.

    Happy Saturday! 🙂

  • Hi Mary,

    I just read your post and thought I would do a reading for you... I felt ahhhh and hoped i could help.

    (quick over view is you made a couple of bad chices with guys and the heart but that does not affect who you are.... You have HOPE and INPERATION and don't question who you are because you made a bad choice, learn and gain and move on)

    Right off the bat is says you have hope and inperation... (see thats good, your feeling that, let it shine thru)

    You are going thru some tears with affections

    and your feeling your waisting your efforts (don't let the guy thing bring you down)

    Your a loving person... (let that shine dont question yourself)

    Your allowing yourself a new beginning

    your worried about disapiontment

    I believe you have some good luck coming your way

    you still have some bumps to go thru

    has to do with a friend... it may not seem what you first thought it might be

    you have a strong older male either watching out or helping

    You are going to make it thru...with bumps and bruises along the way (so don't feel all is lost)

    (the bumps and bruises help you get stronger and trust yoiurself!)

    hope that is some help,



  • Thank you for the reading Nick, Much appreciated 🙂

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