Advice regarding scorpio ex.....

  • im pisces 2/ ex is scorpio 11/ ex always professed to love and when i suspected him of cheating he said i was dilusional....when i caught him red handed he told me he never loved me and "froze" me out (no replies to calls, emails, letters, etc...and if he sees me runs like i have the plague. weve both had several relationships since then....but i still love him. Its been many years but ive had this overwhelming feeling hes always thinking of me and wants me back but is afraid because of what hes done. I recently found him online and sent him several messages....but im still frozen. I wasnt the offender in this situation, and ive always heard scorpios only freeze those who do them wrong. what is going on ?

  • Yes, many Scorpions are cheaters. Love can terrify them because they feel so intensely and deeply about it. Your ex is afraid to be so vulnerable to you. Until he grows out of that fear, there is no chance of a relationship wih him. He will just keep pushing you away because you represent what he fears most.

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