Advice regarding psychic readings....

  • My ex cheated on me years ago and always denied it while professing his love for me...when i finally caught him red-handed, he claimed he never loved me and i was dilussional and froze all contact with me ( no repose to calls, letters, emails, etc...avoids me like the plague). Ive had MULTIPLE readings since them and EVERY SINGLE PSYCHIC says hes coming back and that ill hear from him SOON....but its been years and weve both had several relationships... but the psychics keep telling me hes coming back. Its been years and its always the same prediction but the time frames always come and awful lot of their other predictions come true with amazing acuracy....why not this one ? I understand free will, but eventually i would assume the universe would step in....opinions ?

  • a pisces 2/24 hes scorpio 11/6

  • Yeah I am getting that he's coming back too... look at this...

    The Emperor


    Ace of Swords


    4 of Swords

    Knight of Cups

    6 of Cups

    So he is this Emperor unto you

    The Knight of Wands was the initial relationship

    He cheats (Ace of Swords) which severs

    and Death (you split up)

    Then you have been in rest and wait phase (Four of Swords)

    and then...

    Knight of Cups - he is chasing you again just as the first

    and SIX OF CUPS you reconnect (past blended with present and future)

    Hang in there he is coming back. You feel he is your Soul Mate don't you?

    love, astra

  • Hi Astra....I get the same thing....however, the knight of cups would have to be me...I always do the chasing....and he completely admissions, no apologies...nothing....he ran into me once when he was visiting his parents and saw me across the room and RAN out the door (which me and my friends thought was hysterical).....I would be happy with closure at this point....its been 12 yrs since we were married....and its been 12 yrs ive been being told that hes coming back.....i sometimes wonder if he even reads my emails...everyone says he does.....and btw...were both from Ohio, but were living in LA....I came back to Ohio, he stayed west...i recently learned he was living here for a year and just moved back to LA about 8 mo contact then either although all the psychics said he was coming around in the time frame he was here.....thoughts ?...and when do YOU see this happening Rick

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