Advice needed to keep sanity !!!

  • Im a Pisces, My ex is Scorpio...he claimed he loved me and married me, but when he cheated, he ran off with no admission or explanation other than to blame me (projection of guilt I assume), Ive been trying to get him to respond, but he has "frozen" me out and wont respond to my emails and acts like I dont exist. I definitelty feel as though we have unfinished business and that he thinks of me often, as Im a highly intuitive Pisces, but I cant get a reading on him...i need to know what his issue is and if hell ever respond to me again...common sense tells me its completley over because of the freeze out, but my intuition tells me otherwise.....advise ?

  • I got the Tower earlier today on this...

    Now I get the Nine of Cups

    Yes, the Tower was the past pain, the endings... and yet the Nine Cups agrees with your intuition that the unfinished business will resolve and you will be restored to him is what I am getting. That is what you feel right? You believe he is your Soul Mate?

    love and light


  • Hi Astra...yes i beiieve that he is my soulmate....but its been 12 yrs.....ive repeatedly tried to contact him....he tells people im a crazy stalker (which I admit...but its limited to letters and emails which im sure are deleted or thrown away, but that was 12 years ago also, but im in ill health right now and reached out to him about 6 mo ago and have written him about 10x since responses other than a mention of me being a stalker on his facebook page) im in Ohio and hes in California.....i didnt do anything wrong, but hes played such a power trip on me that i actually start to believe im the one who messed up !...(Scorps usually freeze you out if you do them wrong) opinion ?

  • Four of Swords - you should rest from this situation with him. You are certainly caught up in some rather intense energies to try and compel him to communicate with you. He senses those energies and resists. As strong as you press him on getting back with you he will resist as much as is needed until you calm down and let it go.

    The Fool - then there is the hope that you can start again on a new path with him. First though, you have to let him go physically and in the communicating, understand?

    Strength - This will be called for by you. I can not speak to your health situation, however that is not going to help you gain leverage with him to come back or communicate. You are on your own there.

    Death - Again, let the relationship go in the outer ways (The Tower and Death) and then something nice (Nine of Cups) can happen later (Seven of Pentacles).

    Eight of Wands - sooner than you expect!

    Five of Wands - don't let yourself become embroiled in battles with him, what he did, didn't do, the past events and all that, let it all go.

    The Star - That will kindle new hope as you wish him well in your own private way, pray for him, wish him positive energies and blessings.

    Ace of Cups - that will work a miracle where all of your emails and letters and so forth have failed.

    love and light


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