Soul Connections

  • yes sometimes life is a forever lesson... and sometimes we never can figure out the complicated minds& hearts of another,,,, may it be a lover a spouse a friend or anyone we assume is someone special .....hang in there Mstarx...... you are allowed to see other guys...

    but know who has your good heart.. ok.... know when to pull away when you feel you need to,,,,

    guys that come & go.. are those of a lower vibe

    ... they are men who come into our lives for a purpose of learning & to test us to where we truly need to be with.....

    all is good... i betcha a little time & space - the both of you will feel differently.....

    for each other...... where is he now ?


  • I really love reading our soul mate stories. my Virgo warned me last week in spirit, he reminded me through letting me feel his emotions and I still haven't heard from him in awhile but the warning was right, I've tried to date, even my soul mate told me to date if. I chose to but to be safe and to do it for the right reasons. My Virgo knows me so deeply, I can't fathom anyone else really getting to know the depths of me like he does, and loving that which is most precious about me, soul mate connections truly can tear at ones soul when the other is hovering around me and yet I need that voice. I tell him I love him, heaven forbid something happened to me and I never said it

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