Soul Connections

  • I am wondering, if anyone has ever experienced a truly powerful soul connection with someone. I'm a Cancer, my lover is a Virgo. The way I feel for him is soft, sublt but extremely powerful. I often feel that he is with me, even when he physically is not. The other day my Virgo sent me a txt saying "I sense you are in my state". I believe in soul connections. Such as a mother's connection to their children no matter their age or distance. Anyone else have a story about this? Would love to hear it!

  • I do believe in this. It is an amazing feeling and incredibly hard to deny...because you feel it so much beyond your skin.

    My experience was with a virgo, as well. I am a pisces. 🙂 He was the most incredible man I have known and many of our experiences were ethereal and extraordinary. He certainly affected me on a soul level. A psychic even told me he was my soul mate. 🙂 Apparently, we have been trying for lifetimes to get together...

    More times than not, we would not even have to say anything to each other...we just understood. For instance, we were playing cards with a bunch of his friends one night and I was sitting there thinking, "Hmm..some tea sounds nice, and I saw some M and M's in there." No big deal, harmless thought...about five minutes later he gets up...comes back with a glass of hot tea and a handful of M and M's. I was speachless...I asked him what he was doing? He said, "You said you wanted some tea and M and M's." I said, "No, I thought it!" Everyone just stared at us, wondering what the heck was going on... It may seem insignificant, but to me, it was incredible...something so simple as a thought, turned out to be something incredibly awakening...

    We had many other experiences...laying next to each other, falling asleep, waking up and finding out that we had the same dream...The list goes on.

    And although he and I are no longer together in the physical sense (boyfriend/girlfriend), etc, he never leaves me...I can tell when he is having a bad day, needs something, or even when he is happy. All I do is close my eyes...

    So, to answer your question. Yes, I do believe it. It is amazing..:) I would love to hear some of your experiences.

    Take care!

  • I like the way you used the word "ethereal" that's exactly what it feels like. We often will look into each other's eyes and I see in them a powerful, love in them. My Virgo has often told me he has the same dreams that I have and that they are equally vivid. The other day was the first time he ever said that he "sensed" me around him. As I got to know him, he touched my soul in such a way that I grew stronger in my sense of self and recognized myself as precious after years of being told otherwise. I was married once, but my Virgo has loved me in ways my husband never could or did.

    One evening, I was at my Virgo's home and we like Journey. I had been listening to Faithfully pretty repeatedly feeling like it was "our" song, but he hadn't said so. That evening, he was skipping through tracks and stopped on "Faithfully" and I said that the song made me cry. He left it on, and he came over to me on the couch and took my hand and he danced with me, and he sang the song to me as well. I felt like I was floating in his arms, it was amazing.

    Everytime I'd catch him looking at me when we were out, it would take my breath away. So much love! When he isn't around I feel like half of me is gone, and he does too. At night I lay down and whisper his name, and he told me once that he does the same thing! I always feel him around me at night, sleeping beside him was the most natural, and safe feeling ever. I could sleep and wake next to this man for the rest of my life! I've never made love the way he and I do either, so deeply spiritual I couldn't believe it could be possible.

    I've often considered him my angel, he's a refuge from my chaotic home life at times and I touch heaven when I touch him. It's unbelievable. Sometimes it makes me feel crazy but I love it! 🙂

  • ohhhhh your stories make me almste cry ...

    Ofcourse, because i am also in some kind of "soul connection" with someone.... Here is some of my story, it is long story, but i will make it short lol :

    Last year in August, my boyfriend dies of age 28, he had a heartattack .. and whole my life just ended and hope for love? was just gone...I told myself I will never let anyone close to my heart, and I will never love again..... and eery day/night i cry, cry, was sad...and 4 months after ( 25.december 2008) i was surfing online, and I have no idea why , but something told me to log into one site where I had my old profil, where i wrote some blogs etc. and I did.. and there is aalways some fools who write to me, say stupid things and I just block them...ut that night, HE made a commnt about my photo, just simple comment, and i just answred to him, and we talked, but ofcourse, i was sad..... later on we continue on MSN, and he saw me on webcam..and his first question was : Do you beleive in love at first sight?..ofcourse I thought he ask me in generally, and I said to him, Yes, why? .. and he said to me : Beaus that is the way I see you.....

    I thought he was jokking, and i am always negative lol ... But even he is 8 years yonger than me, he started to interested me....

    Evrytime we are on weba, everytime he look at me , in his eyes I feel loveeee, and some kind of pain in my chest ....feelling is so intense, it is hard to explain.. and i think that felling will never be gone.. In the begining talked every day ...he told me he love me..i was in shock ..ok how that can happen.....he ased me about marrying him..but then after he pull back ... he is so is like i know what he is feelling and thinking. I knew it from the beginning that he was hurt vryy bad before, but I never told him that ......and he admitted to me that months later that actually he is afraid that I WILL LEAVE HIM later on, he as hurt before... But ofcourse no way i wil never leave him, i never felt this way, i will go for it......but i know he is having hard time now,becaue of the past...and i will not push him..

    So now last 2 months june-july, we not talk that much ...and i was sad.... and i think ok that is it.....buuuutttttttt.....he is comin into my dreams every 2-3 night..i dream of him, and i saw him where he is right now..

    sometimes i start to cry suddenly, and i feel sad, and only think about him, like i am that is why i actually contacted one psychic, and asked what is happening with me..... and so on...... she told me that , actuallly we are soulmates, we were together in pastlifes, so that is why he felt that from th begining...difference is that he is not awar o that YET...he thinks he is imagining things... bt he cant stop thinking about me.. and when he do that, then i dream f him.. he is coming and telling me where he is..

    Many of them tells me I need to be patiente with him, and we will be is hard becase he is so closed, and dont trust people much ... but she told me that his love for me will win that fear ...

    So girls i know what you are talking about.. my situation is little bit complicated because he have that trust issues, and we ar far far away... but something tell me not to give up on him ... and I wil not... i know he needs that time forhimself.... it is hard, and sometims i am so mad because I dream of him now more and more, and it drain all my energy, and i am sad because i realise how much actually i need him, he is like part of me...but i also know, he is my lesson..I NEVER HAD PATIENTE IN MY i Know , God sent him to me for a reason... 🙂

    ohhh it is enough ......longggggg lol...

    Sorry my english is bad, but english is not my first language 🙂

    Hope you wil understand what I wrote..


  • My Virgo is like that too, and all my psychics have said that we are soul mates, and we will be together. He is insecure too, but the other night when I was with him, we went grocery shopping together to get some food to cook. We held hands, he kept kissing me cheeks, pulling rebellious hair out of my face. We went home and played with his new cat, and we made love for hours, all over the place. I gave him my soul ring, so that he'd always remember that I love him. He's a part of my soul, and like you, there are times when I feel doubtful of his feelings, I wonder what I have done to push him away. He was hurt too, as was I. But, I believe that there are loves that hurt us, and there is one amazing love that will heal all of that hurt away. I know he is the one, I feel him around me when I am sad, when I am afraid. I dream of him, and he comforts me even if he's not with me. Hence, he's my guardian angel! 🙂 Keep in touch, I hope things grow with you two! It's a beautiful, intense thing that can be frightening because of how strong and how physical the love between soul mates is.

  • I am a Virgo Male and I can tell, that for the most part, Virgo's and Cancers are very compatible. Virgo's are heady and Cancers are heart felt and all about feelings. Knowing Cancer and deeply as I do (due to a lot of research), My Soul Mate is an Aquarius. Numerology has our numbers the same. Astrology? We have the same planets in the same houses. It's all about finding your Soul Mate, regardless of their sign. But remember your duty is to be able to accept who they are and grow together.

  • My soul-mate story is about a Virgo too. When we first met it was instant recognition, like we had known each other all our lives. We had almost a telepathic chemistry and connected on many, many levels. We ended up going our separate ways-long story-, but a few months ago I woke up in the morning and this overwhelming feeling came over me that I needed to get in touch with him, I mean I had to sit down-that kind of overwhelming. I too had had experiences where I could "feel him" even though I haven't seen him in years, but never, never this powerful. So, when this overwhelming feeling happened I decided to look him up, I have not seen this person in about 10 years and nowI can't find him. I tried people searches, which had his last known address which I knew already, doesn't live there anymore. I have tried all the soical net working sites-not on any of them-I have tried to contact old friends that we knew back in the day -hasn't kept in touch. I have a degree in historical research and I've even done a public records search myself, deed, obits, etc. NOTHING I'm scared that something has happened, and now that I can't find him I also look back on our time together and have alot of regret of things I didn't say or do at the time. I really don't know what to do next, because even though I haven't seen him in a long time, his energy has never left me and these recent feelings have been very powerful. My tarot reader/psychic healer has also said that we are soul mates, who have had many past lives together and that I am being called to find him, but I have hit a big brick wall-and it worries me. Any suggestions for helping this pisces girl reconnect with her Virgo?

  • To Shourdedheart4426

    ohhh, I am Saggatarius ( hope i spell it ok 🙂 hahaha.and he is Scorpio ..... and i never felt this way for anyyyooonnneee in my life....ner felt this kind of conection..not even with some familymembers.. so there is a reason for all this..

    we do live far away from achother... and we tried 3 times to meet, but always something came up....i know there is obstacles,and i will not give up on him......but psychics told me that i reallllyyy neeed to give hi that time and ith time he will trust again.....ofcourse they told me that he is so afraid to lose me, that every time he got emtional, h pull back ( i know,:()

    but all i need to do is let him come to me, and be as much as possible friendly.....he loves me...but since he never felt this way, he is scared........

    So this is a battle for me.....but i hope God will help me with him and to be strong... I know and feel that i am the only one who undrstand him, and can give him that LOVE he is searching for........

    And yes.....I DREAMED of him again tonight......and I know he is missing me,....even he is on vaccation and dont contact me...i know he needs time forhimself.....but still he cant top thinking of me....

    I pray to God to let us love eachother, and to let him overcome his fears, and to love me... .I will give nything to just touch him .....

  • Wow! Beautiful guys! All my readings have told me that he and I are soul mates. I feel him with me when I'm not really there. Just the thought of him comforts me. I think the strength between soul mates can sometimes be so intense that it is kind of scary. I know a few times that I felt like my heart was swelling out of my chest and would burst I was falling more in love with him every time and wondered if he felt like that too? 🙂 Good luck to all, and keep me updated as to your soul mates too!

  • i met a amn that effected me the same way about 5 years ago. what we saw in each others eyes was something i had never seen before .dont know how to explain it.

  • Celtic Queen, Have faith - I believe you are getting these feelings for a reason, and this person will reappear out of the blue. Call it coincidence, fate, Karma, whatever you like, but you will find a way to him if its meant to be. Something, or someone will come along to help you. Good luck, I hope you find him.

    I'm apart from my soul mate (S, he is a Scorpio), and my heart is breaking as I write this. For many reasons we have been back and forth over the past 5 years, but always end up together again. We have many obstacles to overcome, but I believe we are meant to be, and that we will overcome them. Sometimes it all become too much for him, he can't cope and he goes. But the pull is too strong and within weeks he comes back . We can't bear to be apart for any length of time. I love him so much it scares me. He has proposed to me in the past and often refers to me as his "future wife". He has let me beyond his barriers, where no other woman has been, and I feel so honoured. I believe I was put on this earth to find him, to be with him. With him I feel I am "home", where I really belong. He give me my Libran balance, and harmony. I feel a contentment when I am in his presence that I have never felt in my entire life, and he has told me he feels the same, that he is only really happy when I am around. I see so many signs, so many things that connect me with him when we are apart. There is not a minute of the day when he isn't in my thoughts or my dreams. I have been told we have a strong bond, but these obstacles may be what keep us apart forever. ( I married many years ago, and have lived apart from my husband in the same house for years, but for many reasons (not just financial) at present I am unable to leave. If I could find a way, any way, I would go. I know it isn't fair on anyone to continue the way things are. Life's too short). I have told S to come look for me earlier in our next lifetime, to ensure we don't make the same mistakes again. I suppose I am hoping for some divine intervention, something to resolve the issues and free me from my prison. I know it would be easier for S if I were to let go and let him find someone else, to have his life, but he keeps telling me that he can't consider anyone else, because they're not me! I'm in his head and nobody else will do. I know we don't always get to be with our soulmates, but I believe we were brought together for a reason. He's in my head and my heart, whether we are together or not. No-one else will do, so in the meantime I just have to wait. And hope.

  • Wow.. I never knew a feeling so intense. I've recently met my "Soul Mate". According to my psychic we should be married in 6 months. The funny thing about it all is that we are not even talking at the moment and it's killing me!

    As soon as we met.. I felt this pull, As if we were magnets. There was this strange feeling I got when looking into this guy's eyes. Nothing like anything else. Its hard to put into words... I couldn't figure out why I was feeling this way about this man I hardly knew. I tried to fight it off, but I couldnt. It caused me so much anxiety that I went and to the DR to get a prescription for Xanax.. Amongst other drugs.I've never needed drugs before, Ive always been in control of my emotions. I seriously thought I was delusional and going crazy. I have lost 20lbs due to anxiety.

    Did I mention I'm a Sag, one of the most laid back people in the zodiac. I am so flighty when it comes to men... I always have my options. This guy made me feel emotions I never knew... and it was crazy. I Can honestly say that he is all I want. I never thought about having kids and getting married until I met this guy. WEIRD! I ended up getting 3 readings about this guy 2 different psychics. I wanted to know why I had such strong emotions. Thats when I was told that we have a karmic relationship and we were to be married in 6 months. We knew each other in a past lives... we have a love that lasts forever. The psychic also told me that he is very guarded and sensitive because he is a Cancer.

    Just being myself, I tried to play it cool with this guy. I didnt let my guard down. How could I possibly show this guy how I felt without looking like a crazy girl? I think by playing it too cool made him think I was uninterested. I know I pushed him away.

    We had a short lived torrid love affair. This was not your everyday casual sex relationship. I know what casual sex feels like and there is NO way this was only that. I feel as if we we were both scared of these strange feelings for each other... I know I was. I know he felt it too. He beat around the bush about relationships, but I avoided the subject. This guy has no idea how strong my feelings really are.

    We have not spoken in 2 weeks. Last time we talked I thought we were cool.I have not tried to contact him since.. and from what I know he hasnt tried to conatct me either. He deleted me from his friends list on myspce and I dont know why. I want to ask him, but I'm afraid he will ignore my call. I miss him. Deleting me from Myspace seems pretty clear that he doesnt want anything to do with me. For whatever reason that may be. That makes no sense to me at all.

    He is my first thought before I go to sleep and when I wake up. I feel like my soul is being possesed by something.. its gut wrenching. I had to go back on anxiety meds yesterday. Apparently I've been hyperventilating and giving myself anxiety attacks and didn't realize it... I think this might be the worst pain I've ever felt. .. . I always thought it was supposed to be blissful when you meet your soulmate... 😞

  • From what I understand it's about the furthest thing from blissful. After doing a ton of research I have found that in soul mate relationships there are issues to work on. I've heard they are the hardest relationships but also the deepest.

    I met a soul mate over a year ago and we have only talked face to face three times and chatted a few times online and text. Unfortunately, we don't seem to do too well unless we are face to face. We have a tendency to argue when we are chatting online or by text. When we are face to face I think we both kinda lose it, for lack of a better term. The feelings are so intense and when we first look into eachothers eyes I swear something takes over my mind and body. I don't have much control at all during our face to face conversations. He acts totally different when we are together. I have had women tell me he is different when I am around and for me I guess it's the only side of him I've ever seen so I can't agree with them. I've lost friendships with women who have seen us together because the energy we create when we touch is so strong that people can't deal with it. It's rough but I believe you have to keep the faith and just "know" that you will be together when it's supposed to happen. Maybe this lifetime, maybe next, or maybe not for many. But, the time will come. 🙂

  • My soul mate and I do amazingly well face to face, it's when we're apart that we seem to wane away from each other, (well, more he than I). But like so many of you have said about the eye contact. His are so deepy and there is a pull in them, so hypnotiic and each time I look into them I feel like they say "I know you" in the deepest meaning and in multiple ways!

    And as for "just friend ***" as mstarx mentioned I know that what my Virgo and I have had is far from that. It's deep and real, we've seen each other naked and have never once felt awkward about him seeing me like that, I've never felt so comfortable before. He knows we're a perfect match during these tjmes too, or at least he vocalizes them more lol 😉

    I know as young as I am however, that I'll never feel this way about any one else. I felt like I was going crazy too, I often have wondered if I was the only one feeling this intense, but when I'm with him I know that that's not the case, he feels what I feel. 🙂

  • I don't know if my hubby is my soul mate for real. I'd like to think so, if course. It's just that quite a few times we read each other's minds. Say we have this problem and I was thinking about how to solve it and came up with a solution. but before I opened my mouth he would tell me just the exact solution I was going to tell him 🙂

    there was a time we lived in different countries. Whenever we got online we always described what we were doing and what happened. quite a few times the same thing happened to us, such as he went out and hurt his elbow somehow then he would tell me this online and find out that I fell down hurt my arms. now that we live under the same roof, this is still happening also, but sometimes it's because we are doing something together.

    my hubby is a Cap, reliable and caring but always a 'responsibility first, play later' person. it's hard sometimes because being leo I always think the world is a play ground a lot of things can attract me into lala land. But I have learned to be more mature in this relationship and I know he is an anchor that will pull me into reality before I get pulled too far into fantasy world.

  • He came back!!! I dared to hope and dream and wish, and here he is! I don't know for how long this time, but we talked for hours last night. In the past week I felt such a connection to him, seeing signs of him everywhere. There was no escape, no matter how much I tried to take my mind off him.I couldn't get him out of my head. Same thing has been happening to him this week - a piece of music, choosing lighting for his home with the sudden realisation in the shop that I should be there choosing for him(lol). Even posters at work making him think of me. Maybe our thoughts connected out there in the ether? I don't know. All I do know is that he is still looking for a future with me, and believes we belong together. Have faith people, if you are meant to be it will happen. Hopefully this lifetime.:-)

  • I am definitely keeping the faith. The other night I swallowed my pride and texted him. I asked him about the whole deleting me from myspace thing. Supposedly he thought I didn't care about him anymore since I hadn't tried to contact him. He also says he didn't want to look at me and think about me because he misses me. (he's currently living in another state at the moment) I think he was trying to see if I cared or not in a very indirect Cancerian way.

    Later that night he called me and told me that it seemed like I was out having all this fun without him. We talked for a little bit. I'm trying to get him out here to see me. I misss him like crazy and its so strange...

    During the last month that I have not been able to see him, I have met other guys, but I do not want anyone else... I'm trying to stay positive and hope that when he comes back we will be together. I don't think I'll ever get over him.

  • mstarx:

    My Virgo and I attempted to be each others friends on facebook and the first time, I deleted him and the second time he deleted me. I found that I couldn't bare to look at the things other women posted to him and vice versa since it's so black and white!

    I always feel like I'm bothering him whenever I call and he doesn't answer me for some time, I wonder how he could forget me in such a way when I could never get him out of my mind. He has said he misses me which is a big step for him, but it seems like I'm the one yearning for his every word (I also live in another state, recently). And the one to contact him first feeling foolish. If they miss us so much, contact us as well! If anything just to let us know we're not crazy! lol 🙂 Good luck to all!

  • I think it is fear of rejection that stops them from making contact, same as us.

    I didn't make any contact with S. I thought that if he didn't want me in his life, then I should respect his wishes and stay away. Although it killed me to do so, and I badly wanted to text him, I held back. I thought about him so much during that period apart it was killing me. I couln't eat or sleep, I couldn't concentrate on anything I was doing, but wouldn't give in. If he wanted me out of his life, it would be like I didn't exist. And lo and behold - here he is.

    I agree it is unbearable to think about them with someone else, or to see photos, or their face on your PC when you are trying to forget about them. I went out with friends to try and take my mind off him, and was asked out three times in the time we were apart (a few weeks! - where were all these men before?), but none of them were S, so I wasn't interested. My heart and my head are set on him. No one else wil do.

    Mstarx and Shroudedheart - both your posts show potential and promise. If these men are brave enough to admit to missing you then there is much hope. I think they are both looking for reassurance from you that you still care about them. And yes, we are crazy - about them. Keep thinking positive thoughts and send them out there!! It worked for me! Good luck girls

  • Its all so strange to me... I almost feel as if we are scared of each other. He doesn't want me to hurt him and vice versa. No matter what I do, I cannot get over this person... I feel like I need counseling or something. Possibly he needs reassurance, but so do I. This is hard... It upsets me everyday. Will it be like this forever??

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