Friend's heart broken 2x by same guy, now back together - could it work?

  • Hi Captain and everyone else with the psychic gift,

    My dear friend 9/24/66 has been in an on again off again relationship for more than 3 years with the same guy - he is a Gemini - think around May 29 or 30, 1964 or 65. He has broken her heart twice after begging her to be with him and doing all the right things he then later tells her he's not sure and wants to see others once he wins her back. Last time was August, and she said they were done for good, but by early November she was letting him back over late at night every now and then when she was lonely. Now I have just learned that he is at her house with her and her kids which must mean they are back together as she is pretty protective of them. She was a bit evasive about it and I don't press. Here is my question. Do you see him breaking her heart again? Could he have changed? I am not very fond of him in general, but will keep that to myself if it could really work since I know she really wants it to. She is a caring, thoughtful, kind person who deserves someone that treats her better than he has. Thoughts?

  • It's not going to last long. I would keep your opinion to yourself so you can be there for her when it crashes and burns. She's going to need you.

  • Thanks, that's what I had figured. 😞 She's such a happy and thoughtful person in general - and very successful and self sufficient in the business world and then she picks these guys that take advantage of her.. Do you see someone who will treat her well in her future?

  • Well, they may still find each other attractive but being together is something more than that. At least personally, I would not be able to keep up with someone who breaks my heart, all the more when it has happened twice.

    I guess that they could not move on from what they had before, making them still come back to each other. But I bet that one day, they would stop and finally detach themselves from each other.

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