HELP! i need an emergency reading!

  • this friday, i got pulled over for an ovi (driving under the influence). i made an awful mistake and regret it badly. I have never been in trouble before, other than speeding tickets,etc.. I have court next thursday, and i would like to know, how will it turn out. one of my questions are "will my license get suspended?" how bad will the outcome be? I would appreciate any help

  • I'm not getting outcome - other than your judge might be female. What is coming through is blood - do you know what your blood alcohol level was? Feels like this will be an important factor. Also getting to be conservatively dressed and respectful and to show contrition - that's all stating the obvious, though! I am seeing doing your homework ahead of time - being prepared - and possibly getting help with this (a lawyer, maybe). Not sure what state or even country you are in, but research the laws where you are. I know that where I live you would have your license suspended for at least 30 days. However, previous offenses and how far over the legal limit you were would also play a part and make the sentence more harsh.

    Outside of the court date and consequences, I am getting that you need to use this as a wake-up call. You may do this (drinking too much as well as drinking and driving) more than you would like to admit and/or you have been headed down the wrong path in life and this was a way to get your attention. I am getting solitude and reflection - not sure if that is also an indicator of not being able to drive for a while, but definitely an indicator that you need to slow down and reflect on your life.

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