Is the Universe sending me signals

  • So I haven't spoken to this Pisces man for 5 months now, but he crosses my mind ever once and a while and the butterfly effect happens all over again.

    But the past month the following has happened:

    • I see a plumbing truck with the company name ending in said Pisces man last name.

    • I read an Art article with said Pisces man's daughters name attached to the written article

    • When I'm on a train carriage I look at the carriage number and it either add's up to Pisces man's birthday or the month he was born.

    *Finally I have been listen to alot of Robin Thicke's music at the moment, thinking he is a soulful singer and his lyrics are just devine, only to realise that his birthday is the same day as the Pisces guy I like.

    Now tell me what am I mean't to be doing with these signs. Pisces man has gone all silent on me and is stubborn as all hell, but should I be watching the signs alot closer or ignoring them, is the universe screaming out to me to make contact with the Pisces guy or not???

    Very confused at the moment as to what to do. Any insight or advise is very much appreciated.

  • These things are happening because you have not let him go and at times you are even looking for some sort of connection to remain with him somehow - even if it's only psychically. The only message from the Universe in this is that you must come to terms with this situation and release so that the new can enter your life. Grounding is coming through pretty strongly for you as well as new beginnings. Since grounding came up, I pulled some Earth Magic cards for you....

    Clouds - Shapeshifting

    Dance - Celebration

    Full Moon - Completion

    These cards are telling me that this man that you are dreaming of is just that - a dream. He could have literally been a shapeshifter relationship for you - someone who appears to teach us a valuable lesson about ourselves and this is often a difficult one. Dance is about bringing your energies back down to earth and reconnecting in this fashion. Celebrate the "now" rather than daydreaming about the past or focusing on the future. Feel the earth and your connection to it. Ground yourself. The Full Moon is another reminder that this man is living within your mind as a fantasy and that the time has come for completion - to let him go with love. Look forward to a new beginning and understand that in order for these new beginnings to manifest in our lives, we must energetically detach from the past.



  • Thank you Watergirl, so your basically telling me, there's no hope in this lifetime with the Pisces man...well that's just dandy to say the least.

  • Don't gloss over the point that there is someone NEW that the Universe wants to send your way once you detach from the OLD!!!!

  • I've detached from my old Libra love and my old Virgo love...I thought the Pisces one was the new one coming along...thanks Watergirl, will just live in hope now and keep on keeping on. 🙂

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