AstraAngel, reading for my sister please :)

  • Hi Astra,

    Hope all is well 🙂 So I told my sisters about you and how amazing you were and now I have yet another sister that would like a reading. So here is what she wanted me to ask you regarding her situation with a guy she is dating. "Why does he refuse my love? Are we meant to be and how does he feel about me?" Let me know if you need further information.

    Thank you Astra!!!

    Hugs 🙂


  • Hi Virgirl

    So how many sisters do you have? 🙂 You come from a big family? Just curious.

    OKay, your sister... let' take a look...

    1. Why does he refuse my love? Eight of Wands - too fast, your sister is jumping the gun. She needs to slow down, let his love come to her in the right time and it will. Be patient, enjoy the journey.

    2. Are we meant to be? Four of Cups - Yes. She should accept the relationship as it stands and see the beauty in what is there, instead of being too concerned about what is not there. These things take time.

    3. How does he feel about me? Queen of Pentacles and the Nine of Cups - together this shows that he has strong feelings and a deep attraction for you. There is a strong physical aspect here as well so that aspect of the attraction is strong. It is a good thing that he is keeping the brakes on this relationship as with these more material-love energies it would be easy to be carried away a little too fast and far, and so I see that all is on track and the outlook here looks very nice and sweet to me!

    Hope that helps your sister virgirl!

    love and light


  • Thank Astra! I actually have seven sisters. I am the youngest. The baby as many call me 🙂

    I read your response to my sister and she was skeptical. Mainly because she actually has someone at home she has children with and doesn't love at all but he is a help to her. The guy that you just did a reading on is someone she sees on the side and is love with. But because she has children and he is young she's not sure anything will ever come between her and the guy. I personally think she's not giving it a fair chance but that's just me....

  • Seven of Cups - its really up to her what happens with this "guy on the side" not him. Tell her to dream of things working out and they will. It always starts within and then works its way outward.

  • Okay, thanks so much again!

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