Leo wanting a Gemini back in her life. Help!!! what to do?

  • I'm curious to find out what happened in this situation.

    I'm a Leo femme who's "dealing" with a Gemini man; he broke it off with me saying that he was unhappy, that I have no respect for other people's time, and that I do things whenever it pleases me, and noone else.

    While this, I must admit, is true, I working on being more mindful of others' schedules and priorities.

    When we first got together, It felt like he was in my head-space. He liked the same things I liked, and the time we spent together was great. -Good conversation for hours on end, and he made me feel safe.

    Then we started arguing more, until he broke up with me over a difference of political opinion.

    I couldn't believe it! This was so hurtful... over a political stance. I cried.

    Later that week, he text me saying "I know you don't want to hear from me right now, but I'm sorry for the things I said. and if you never want to see me again, I understand. I'm immature and you would be better of without me."

    I left him to text me a few more times and finally I answered him and we got back together.

    This time he broke up with me, saying he's unhappy, and it was a mistake to get back with me; he said I have no respect for our relationship, and I didn't respect him.

    2 weeks went by and I text him saying "I miss you". He replied asking me "How are you?". We ended up going for Dinner and ending the night with a friendly hug.

    I was alright with that friendly hug, until I got home and all these thoughts started racing through my head, of what a terrible person I am, and how much I wanted him back.

    This past Sunday, 1 day after we went to dinner, I text him saying that I'd like to meet up and talk with him.

    He said he was studying for his exams and would be doing so for the next 2 weeks.

    I went to bed with everything on my mind and tears in my eyes. I woke up Monday morning and rang his phone 7 times until he answered. He wasn't too happy about this, and told me to stop calling him, because all I'm doing is hurting myself. because all he is going to do is say no every time I call.

    That hurt.

    I cried and cried, and begged him to listen to me. He said there was no excuse for the way I acted during our relationship, and why is it that it took a break up to realize what I've done wrong.

    I felt like someone took to my chest with a serrated edge over and over again.

    I went to work feeling broken and depended on my work at hand to distract me.

    That was Monday and today is Wednesday, I'm still feel heart break and I still want him back.

    I can I do to get him back? Anyone ever in this situation and it successfully lasted? Any ideas?

    Gemini guys and Leo girls, you're input would be appreciated much!

    He's 3 years my junior and our charts are below:

    MY CHART - July 24 1984

    Planet Deg Sign Min

    Sun 1º Leo 46'

    Mercury 27º Leo 49'

    Venus 12º Leo 23'

    Mars 18º Scorpio 51'

    Jupiter 5º Capricorn 07'

    Saturn 9º Scorpio 48'

    Uranus 9º Sagittarius 47'

    Neptune 29º Sagittarius 13'

    Pluto 29º Libra 23'

    HIS CHART - June 15 1987

    Planet Deg Sign Min

    Sun 24º Gemini 01'

    Mercury 15º Cancer 40'

    Venus 5º Gemini 24'

    Mars 16º Cancer 31'

    Jupiter 23º Aries 30'

    Saturn 17º Sagittarius 23'

    Uranus 24º Sagittarius 46'

    Neptune 6º Capricorn 59'

    Pluto 7º Scorpio 26'

    PS: Can anyone tell me what these charts mean?

    Thanks all!


  • hey lexie, sorry ur having troubles.... i dont know if i can shed any light for you but i am a gemini sun with a leo rising and capricorn moon.. my life has been surrounded by leos both male and female... first of all gemini men are attracted to leo girls and they have a lot of things in common so the repeated attraction to you is understandable even when logic says no. i see the selfishness in a couple of the leos i know, one of them is a female and she is the worst by far but on the outside she portrays someone who is giving and selfless until behind closed doors. its always on her terms when its good for her but she expects you to do for her at anytime even the worst possible time for you.

    im not sure if this is you but it could be you have a deep insecurity or you were raised in a spoiled manner.... i dont think just trying to be selfless will work except for the outsiders who aren't that close to you... it really needs to some kinda revaluation or event that humbles you

    to the point its driven it out of you, otherwise you will always default to being selfish and self centered again ... by nature i think you will always have a tendency to come out on top of the deal, thats okay in business as long as its not harmful to others... but, in love with your mate

    and your real true friends and dear family you must totally drop the me and go with the us.

    try putting yourself last with your close relationships for a while and see how you feel ! u think u can do it ? for a month ? for a year ? i would luv to hear from you after you have a chance to try it for a while.......................... if your gem thinks you have changed he may come back later but

    he will have to be totally convinced.. actually he had made a decision that a self centered person is not for him and was able to pull out, that takes a lot of courage to do... once a girl starts crying, i have to forget whats good and cave in lol

    i hope this helps some how and that i didnt offend you in anyway. check back in later ! good luck lexie !

  • I think your gem made up his mind....

  • I've always been described by friends as selfless. I'll give you my last if I have it, and I don't ask anything thing in return. I'd love for that action to be reciprocated, but I don't expect it. It takes too much to sit there wishing and hoping that a person will give you some thing/service, because you helped them out a few years before. I expect that most people can't reciprocate.

    I've had too many incidents where I've given and given, and all I receive is a slap in the face. Though it hasn't stopped me from being kind, it has curbed my "kind-giving", because I don't want to get hurt.

    I, some times, say mean things in private, but they have no bad intention behind them. They are just emply words.

    In regards to my Gem, I try to be there for him. I Encourage him when he has an idea; help him with advice on internships and the corp. world.; and I try to make sure when he stays over he has breakfast, lunch, dinner, and his laundry is taken care of.

    Sometimes, I feel as if he wants all of me and I can't make myself available for anything/anyone else, like family.

    I'll give you an example: My brother just moved here from out of state and I wanted to spend some sibling time together watching a movie while my Gem was staying over one night.

    My Gem said he was tired and that he was going to bed, I said I'll go to bed a little later. I stayed up and watched a movie with my brother and then went to bed, the next morning he asked me if something was wrong, and why didn't I come to bed.

    When I told him its because I wanted to hang out with my brother, he made me feel as if I did something wrong.

    I once felt like he would call me over when ever he could fit me in his schedule; whereas, I mark off a certain amount of time for him and I didn't like that feeling.

    I felt used.

    Once he accused me of openly flirting with an associate of his, and I was dumbfounded, because I would never do that!

    I didn't say anything about his long conversation with a female friend of his, away from the crowd! but he accused me of flirting, openly, infront of his face with someone I'm not even interested in.

    There are other times, when I don't know how to feel; So, I end up just "being".

    He says he doesn't want to be in a relationship with anyone right now; but he also said that when we first got together 5 months ago.

    I am working on being more self-less, and I'm trying harder to see things from other people's POV.

    I bought him and his family Christmas presents, but will he want it? I'd feel kind of strange

    After what happened over phone, how do I get us back together again?

    What are some things I can do?

    Do I wait and call him back 3 weeks from now with a new hair do, and outfit? what to do? what do I do?


  • the more you push your gemini, the more he is going to run and want space from you.

  • If you want him back, leave him alone.

  • I bought the gifts before we broke up - October. I always start my x-mas shopping early. I've had them hidden since I brought them home.

    Thanks for the advice.

    I know that behaviour is borderline obsessive.

    Last time he walked away, I shed tears to myself. I called him selfish, and then I made mind to move on, but I heard him out and decided to try it out once again; but this time, its like I couldn't help myself, I just kept dialing over and over and crying.

    Talking to a friend of mine - it might be caused from the change in BC.

  • Ps: I just found out that my moon and rising sign are Gemini, what does this mean?



  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you.

  • Any thoughts on getting a love spell cast?

  • My thoughts: Move on.... he's not interested.

  • I'm not sure how things are going with you and him now

    but reading the whole story as you wrote it, I feel that you need to move on

    I wouldn't break up with someone over a political stance, or difference of opinion

    when he said he is immature, he is actually being truthful

    accusing you flirting for no reason and then another break up because you don't respect relationship or whatever it is -- > all these are just signs he has lost interest in relationship

    let me see your chart again for more comments

  • Leo venus can go too far expressing love/affection and scorpio mars can be possessive

    the square gives you a lot of pressure it's hard to slow down and think things through

    but this is exactly what you need to do regularly (not just when you are under pressure)

    with Mercury trine Neptune, your thinking and communication are often 'blurred'

    you need to take off the rose colored glasses. See things and people as they truly are.

    if he broke up with you over a stance, what makes you think he won't break up with you over other arguments? is this really what you want for your future?

    Mercury sextile Pluto can be too harsh voicing opinion and defend yourself. the opposite can happen. you just give in and agree with everything other people say. don't do any of these.

    just defend your stance and agree to disagree.

    if he can't take it, he has to win, just walk away, you know he is not worth your time.

    all in all, I can't say you are selfish. but you sure have all the tendency to overdo it.

    no doubt you had a lot of arguments. then again breaking up over difference of opinion doesn't sound mature to me. so he is being truthful when he said that he is immature LOL

    well just my opinion, I don't see any reason why you want him back. he doesn't seem to want it, breaking up more than once in short period, all the while you can't control your tendency to be possessive and obsessive which is not doing yourself any good in the end.

    your heart will heal itself. but you need to give it the rest and recuperation it needs. stay away from those that hurt you and surround yourself with supportive people. love yourself, first and foremost. if you don't, you will be possessive, you think he will fulfill you and so you can't let go. No one can fulfill you, but yourself. I learned this the hard way many disappointments. Be thankful you don't have to go through that many to understand it. All the best for your healing.

  • Ok this may sound very silly and callow: but how does one love one's self? What characteristics are exhibited? My friends tell me I put up with so much s-h-I-t because I don't thugh I do like myself...love to be pampered and love to get love from external sources in the form of attention, affection and so forth.l.but how can I do these things internally?

  • voc

    it's easier said than done. just turn inward and admit your weak and strong points, how experiences have made you who you are today. and then accept the person in the mirror without a single bit of judgment, be it judgment on your physical features or personality.

    only then you will love yourself. it has nothing to do with pride and self centeredness, although a lot of people would tell you that. it actually means you love yourself as much you love the other person. if you are willing to put up a lot of efforts and time for him, then you should be willing to put up a lot of efforts and time to love yourself.

  • Thank you! I will start working on that...I did initiate it, but i think the part i need to work on is the last part: 'if you are willing to put up a lot of efforts and time for him, then you should be willing to put up a lot of efforts and time to love yourself.'

    thank you so much!

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