Astra, could i have a reading plese?

  • you did a reading for me a few weeks ago and you said it was a fantastic reading. TheCaptain said my upcoming surgry and life after are going to be great. Could you give me a reading on my career and life post surgery? thanks.

  • Hey pilotguy

    Post surgery outlook - Captain is right on, Three of Cups and Six Cups looks like a nice recovery and quick back on your feet. Excellent outlook!

    Career outlook - Magician and Nine of Pentacles - (I also had a quick flash of the Three of Swords right before these cards, so be prepared for some little annoyance before something very nice gets under way - no big deal though)

    Magician sees you pulling weaving wonder, channeling aspirations and desires from spirit into material in ways that set you on path in service to others. Very strong dream life, a longing to achieve in the abundant way you know you are due is working well for you here - keep dreaming , the bigger the better. Go for the gold instead of the bronze, the doctorate instead of high school diploma. You can't aim high enough!

    And the Nine of Pentacles is a powerful omen of achievement in your career path, you are standing head and shoulders above the fray, solid, dependable, and an expert in your field. Recognition. Accolades. And the contentment of knowing you worked hard, and now you enjoy the fruits of those labors.

    Both together sound like a very rich lay of the land before you in your work, keep aiming high and serve with a smile and ingenuity and you will find the pot of gold coming your way without having to chase it.



  • thank you so much. my upcoming surgery is to fix medical mistakes that were made. so my ostomy reversal looks like a success?

    as for my love life, do you see my wife and i workingthrough our problems?

    do you see me becoming an airline pilot?

    thank you!

  • any ideas?

  • Hi Pilotguy

    I am sure that the doctors did their job well, I always tell people that the Tarot is really more for matters of the heart... so what did the doctors tell you? Did they say it was a success? I drew the two of wands which is a card of affirmation, so I have a good feeling about this matter, however you should totally rely on your physicians for medical questions.

    As for your love life and working through the problems I see the Knight of Cups which shows love being sought and activated. This is an excellent sign of love and effort being expended so the message I get is that your efforts that you have made in this relationship will bear fruit and you can expect a reconciling (Three of Cups and that shows love in celebration)

    And the High Priestess seems to be whispering something to me... I am getting two letters...

    A... A...., not Astral Angels....



    "... ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking... I want to welcome you aboard flight 1407 for Phoenix.. we are now cruising at an altitude of 29,000 feet and I have turned off the fasten seat belt sign... also, I wanted to mention... and I don't want you to panic or anything, however I am proud to say this is my first commercial flight with American and I am thrilled to be your pilot guy today... so sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of your flight... at least until you see the plane starting to make its approach to Phoenix.. ha ha... "

  • thank you so much. i go for my pre op next tuesday and my surgery should be 3weeks after. thank you so much for your time.

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