Attention All Scorpio Men!!

  • I want to know anything and everything about Scorpio men! I am a Gemini woman. I am pretty hot and I say this b/c this scorpio man keeps telling me so but has never asked me out. I have asked and he seems to toy with my emotions but always resorts to the flirtatious behavior, asking a million personal questions, and that wicked, deep, "I SEE INTO YOUR SOUL" gaze.

    I read so much about Scorpio men and in an odd way, it sort of sounds like me. But I guess what I want to know is why would a man or (Scorpio man) show such an animal attraction to someone and not do anything about it. I mean, if the chemistry is undeniable what is the point of holding back?

    I thought Scorpio men were passionate and went after what they wanted?


  • Hi gem32 - Look for: Likes and dislikes about Scopio's ... and you'll find everything you need to know about them.


  • Thanks!!!! Im lookingit up now!

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