Reading for husband

  • Hi there

    I wonder if one of you lovely people could read for my husband, related to his business which is badly in need of an overhaul and which is on a slippery slope.

    Thank you so much!


  • Paddi, I feel that your husband's heart is just not in it and on a subconscious level, he wants the business to fail. He really is a right-brained artist type, not made for business dealings and finance.

  • PS. I feel that you two are both pushing huge boulders uphill at the moment for a lifestyle neither of you really wants. I am sensing you would prefer to dance barefoot in a field of flowers than wear a fancy pair of shoes. This is a time to really prioritize your life and not let fears of financial insecurity hold you back from living the simple happy life.

  • Lol I love the imagery, it is so true! Re hubby, yes he is on the wrong planet with his business and I can talk myself blue in the face with ideas but he really has to get there himself and he knows it. I have put off the move to Ireland but it still eats me and he wants to go for the music.

    Hugs and thanks Captain


  • What lies between you and moving to ireland? Perhaps you are trying to make the money in the wrong place - maybe you should just up and rent a place in Ireland - and THEN find work/start up a business. I feel like the atmosphere in Ireland would be more conducive to your success. I know your hubby would thrive on it. He needs the music.

  • Lol me and my past.

  • And you will only truly confront the past when you face it in its former setting.

  • Yes that is maybe true but it doesmean dragging the kids out of their environment and also my hubby does not do anything ever unless it is for his benefit and I wonder what it is this time, plus he is a powerful manipulator and my very first thought this morning was do not let yourself be bullied. It will happen but at my pace not at his seeing as I will be organising all the logistics and comforting the children and starting up all on my own anyway.


  • Going to Ireland on Friday actually for my father's surprise party, my brothers are coming from Australia and England too, no spouses or children just us, who knows it could be a time for tslk, ar any rate I am so looking forward to going and even more to have 2 days for me for the first time in 8 years.


  • It's not environment that makes kids happy so much as having happy, carefree parents.

  • Gosh I think we have forgotten what it is like to be happy and carefree!

    Thank you for helping me on this one Captain!

  • Paddi, you always help others so here's some back for you! And thanks for the healing...

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