A reading, please. if its not too much trouble

  • I would like to know what is happening with my career/love life. I am in the mists if being possibly hired but I am still concerned and curious as to how it will possibly turn out. And my love life is well... none existent. Can anyone help me out? I'd appreciate it. My b-day is 6/29/88. Thanks!

  • Yes, I'll try to have one up soon. Next day or so. .

  • ok. thanks you, Daliolite!

  • Just a tip - you may be focusing on too much in your life and scattering your energy. Fix all your attention on manifesting either a job or a lover, but not both (or even other things in your life). Satisfy your desires one at a time. If you get a great job, you may not even have enough time for a love mate or vice versa. So it's a good idea to go after your number one priority and then decide what else you need in your life after that first big thing is achieved.

  • At present, your reading is forging ahead. Pursuing your goals. Consider any consquences as things are really moving. I don't know if you'll be getting the job or not. Maybe you can update me. Your situation is suggesting criticism that will be weak-ineffective. That's the Knight/Page pairing. Reading does suggest upcoming events/news. Possibly unwelcome.

    You're standing strong w/challenges. Struggled to get where you're at. I get to go w/your interests, passions. Your intuition is very strong and reading is suggesting to use more of it. Strong sense that those around you have stifled you and want to break free of them. You are good w/communication.

    You have been struggling w/unattained goals. Loss. Don't get caught up in past/let go--there's hope. You've made best out of past. Keep getting that you don't want to be like others around you. You don't like what you've seen. Memories need to be released. You're intuitive/creative.

    Set clear boundaries over what you can and can't do. You have a lot of energy and tend to take on alot. You have a lot of aspirations.

    Strong, strong possibilities for relationships. You have a clear idea of what you need. You need BALANCE. Be sure you create this in yourself first--ok. You have a clear vision of what you want. There are a lot of blocks in those around you that have caused you to go inward. Outside interests, hobbies are good for you. Live life--don't trudge thru it.

    Be open to receiving and enjoying your creativity. Believe in your dreams. I get a strong message here. Dare to dream.

    In outcome there's a need to hang onto what you have. Creating order out of chaos. Could even go as far as alienation, however, I see as more of a need than want. Something that you just don't like in your situation and get strong idea it wasn't created by you but need to get away from. I feel you'll come out of struggle with what you need. You'll be able to expand based on your ideas?


    present--nine of rods

    above--knight of swords

    below--5 of cups

    situation--page of swords


    moving ahead--2 of cups

    blocks--2 of rods

    friends--5 of coins

    advice--page of cups

    outcome--4 of coins

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