Craft Challenge: Light Up Your Leo Pride

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  • These craft challenge images were reduced and uploaded on behalf of Machathered. Mac, feel free to comment on your craft's origin, creation and intention! Thanks!

  • Wow, great to see a burst of new entries. Just a heads-up to let everyone know that submissions will be closed as of noon today. So if you have any last-minute touches, get 'em done and get those Leo craft photos uploaded!

  • Thanks for entering, everyone. As of noon (Pacific Time) on Monday, Aug 18, the contest is closed. Stay tuned for a chance to vote using our new polling tool (it will appear to the right, in place of the current sidebar with the rotating image of the scissors, glue and pencils).

    Remember to tell all of your friends to come to the forums and vote for your craft! The winner receives a free, one-on-one telephone Astrology reading with world-renowned master Astrologer Rick Levine.

    Good Luck!

  • Memorial Light

    Lights are battery powered made from a blinking fishing bobber that blinks red and glass flower blinking object from the dollar store that blinks red and white and a white candle illuminating the object from behind, with a few tea lights in front to give it a soft glow.

    holding the handmade ladybug water globe is just a candle holder stand that I already had. I wanted a ladybug water-globe so I made one... with an old round light bulb, silicone and plumbing tape I glued it on with hard as nails glue from true value.

    the glass cover off of a thrift store clock base. Glass lady bug from hallmark store find,and I glued it to the blinking flower object from the dollar store. The hands holding the globe were from another dollar store trinket, that I repainted and glittered to match.

    I got the ladybug from inside the globe off of a fabric store plant ornament and glitter inside the water-globe from fabric store too as well as the ladybug fabric decals I glued on outside of the glass cover from the thrift store clock base. I made the other ladybug just from a dot of hot glue and glitter and a lot of patients..

    I wanted to have hands holding up the ladybug globe, to show as if it was a gift being received from above, because my only brother passed away a few months ago in Febuary unexpectedly and I asked for a sign from him. He sent me a ladybug on my light bulb on my ceiling fan a week after his death. When I needed uplifting, it was like a gift from above, he would send ladybugs into the house, even in winter and raining outside. I thought it was appropriate to make this light in memory of my brother he was a Lion in many aspects and loved the sun...

  • Well I hope I'm not too late to enter this. I wasn't sure if you could continue to submit a lamp project through the end of today or not. I had so much fun working on this today (It's my birthday).

  • Here is another better photo of the finished lampshade, and some of the lamp in progress.

    I bought this hideous thing at a yard sale a few years ago and we'd been using it until we moved last weekend, when the lamp shade got crushed and destroyed. I'm glad I found this contest, it gave me motivation to fix it up instead of toss it out. Thanks 🙂

  • I also hope I am not too late.

  • Here is a before after shot. I hope I can post it because i have had troble putting it up. Best of luck

  • mmm.... no luck still.

  • yupi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did it. The pictures above are mine 🙂 above is after, under is before 🙂

  • WOW!!!!

    All of you who entered this contest made such beautiful creations! I am amazed and in awe with all the lovely art work and I really wish I had crafting in my blood.

    Congrats to are all winners to me ~~~~~*~

  • Gotta say, "This is one freakin' cool lamp!"

    Extraordinary job you did - I LOVE IT!

  • I really want to vote for myself -- but if I am being honest I have to say that there are a few amazing projects that are way better. Very crafty!

  • Thanks to everyone who entered their crafts in the "Light Up Your Leo Pride" craft challenge. There was some great stuff in there! But alas, there can only be one first prize. Without further ado, the poll results declare that first place goes to ....


    LionessM with her face-painting Sun Goddess decanter!

    Well done with the beautiful work. Our customer service rep will be contacting you by e-mail shortly to arrange your personal consultation with Rick Levine.

    If you didn't win, take a look at the "Get Organized" Virgo craft challenge in this forum. You can post your craft as early as Monday ... so get started!

    Thanks again,

  • Oh my godness.....i won.....thank you ever so very much!!!

    I am very honored and I am ever so excited ...I have never had a personal consultation!!!

    If there was a way I could share it with all of you, I most certainly would!

    Now, as I try my very best to do onto others as I would like them to do onto me.....there is something I need to say!

    I just want to be sure that I won this fair and square!

    as the "admin" stated in a earlier post (page 4 of this forum).....................

    "Remember to tell all of your friends to come to the forums and vote for your craft! "

    Well so I did......I emailed many of my friends and just about all of them voted for me.

    I am so very blessed to have so many friends that are always there for me and vise versa.....Old school bikers we are and we stick together like glue..I am so very lucky .......but I feel that this is not fair to those that may not have as many friends,

    And please understand, I do NOT take that word lightly......everyone of my friends earned that tittle and vise versa!

    I just felt that I had to explain that a bit...I am not stuck up and I am by no means bragging....oh no.......I just truly feel should not be judged based on how many friends will vote for you just cause you asked them to!!

    True art is so much more and deeper....its the voice of my is a gateway to my very inner being is live!!!

    Blessed be!!!!

    Marion ( LionessM)

  • Congratulations LionessM!

    Your art craft was/is very beautiful 🙂

  • Thank you very much for the compliment Lioness65......I appreciate you!

    And by the way...........I just LOVE your member name.......teehee

    Kinda makes me wanna call you "Sister" ; )


  • "admin"

    "Our customer service rep will be contacting you by e-mail shortly to arrange your personal consultation with Rick Levine."

    As of yet I have not received any such email.......just checking!

    Regardless of my feelings ,that I stated in a earlier post........

    I do must confess that I am so very excited and I am ever so looking forward to thiis reading.

    I chose to set my mixed feelings aside.

    and came to the conclusionOur customer service rep will be contacting you by e-mail shortly to arrange your personal consultation with Rick Levine. ...........I did win

    fair and squre .....afterall I did play by the rules!!!

    Thank you very much!!!

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