I need some advice please

  • Thank you for helping me. I have been going on a rollercoaster ride with my ex for 2 months now, we get close then far away. We see each other and its great, then she shuts down again. There are lots of mixed feelings involved, i would say from both sides. She is 02/01/1986 and i am 01/09/1981. We were together for a long time , and i am still not sure the breakup was really warranted. Any insight would be much appreciated, in what i should do or what the near future of the situation might be....

    Thanks again, happy holidays.

  • It feels like her freedom is more important to her right now. Your heart is keeping you in a bit of a fog about this right now...it's time to clear yourself of the energetic debris here. Accept that maybe this relationship has run its course and then look forward to a new day dawning for you. You are stronger than you know.

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