Psychic needed

  • Misslioness I will do your chakras in the next hour or so, it might at least give you a breath of fresh air.


  • HI there, I did them for you, well actually there was not alot to do. You did not need any reiki and your chakras were covered with what was like a layer of sticky stuff a bit like marzipan orfondant but stickier, thicker and yuckier. It was all around your body. I kind of peeled it all off like, well do you know those tins of sardines where you have to peel off the metal lid? It was like that and just as tough to get off. I gave the yucky stuff to AA MIchael and Raphael and they transported it off. And your chakras were as bright as buttons, in fact I polished up your third eye and your crown and then you kind of lit up just like a disco ball, all bright colours streaming out of you from all angles. It was amazing. I did break the connection though, and left you to it.

    I hope you are feeling a bit better today.


  • Hello Paddifluff, Thank you for cleaning my Chakra's I do feel a bit of relief. I want so badly to feel good and I work very hard at it. It was a kind thing you did, I had been out of commission for a few days and spontaneously found some renewed strength, I am sure your assistance had something to do with that. Again thank you.

  • To The Captain, indeed you are correct I do wish to be loved in fact I think I am in need of being a bit mothered. I do not begrudge my life or my circumstances; however I desperately desire to bathe in a pool of serenity, even if only for a moment. I am working on taking better care of myself and excepting that it is ok to feel that way. I wouldn't exactly call what I am experiencing self abuse, but I am a bit afraid of being let down (by myself as well as others). Consequently, I try to protect myself a bit more than I should and it doesn't always suit me well. Thank you ever so much for your kind and generous words of wisdom, as always they are much appreciated.

  • Hello Shuabby, Wow thank you so much for the reading. In actuality is was very profound, and I could see the visions playing out as we speak. I have ties in NY, California, Texas, Indiana and Washington, so it would not be unlikely that that could happen. I also resonate with a few other comments you made, but it is a bit premature to consider the notion. If you happen to receive anything else, particularly about my spiritual connections, please pass it on and I will be forever grateful. Thank you again so very much.

  • Thank you Firefly, you have already been a source of spiritual refreshment. I do so appreciate your spiritual concentration and advice. If you feel anything else, please let me know. Thank you once again.

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